Jaleel White Broke down as He Remembered Late Michelle Thomas on 'Hollywood Medium'

90’s Star, Jaleel White could not control the overwhelming emotions he felt as he tearfully remembers co-star, Michelle Thomas.

White’s fame stems from the ‘90s for his acclaimed comical role as “Steve Urkel” in ABC and CBS-aired sitcom, “Family Matters.” 

The Hollywood star once sat through a reading with controversial psychic, Tyler Henry on “Hollywood Medium.” While on the show, Henry seemed to hit home as white’s late friend and co-star, Michelle Thomas came into discussion.

The “Family Matters” actor did not expect being taken down such a memory lane as Tyler said

“I’m looking at what looks like E, and then L-L-E is the only way to describe it.”“You gotta be messing with me, dog. Come on, man. You’ve got to be Googling this stuff before you come in here,” White stated, not wanting to venture into the topic.

After White severally tried avoiding the sensitive topic of Michelle’s passing, he finally gave in as the heartrending emotions took over him.The entertainer went mute for a few minutes, possibly trying to gather strength before delving into his memories of Michelle Thomas.

Jaleel White started talking about Thomas as he mentioned that the actress died of stomach cancer. The celebrity described Thomas as someone who had many friends in the music industry. At this point, White couldn’t hold it in anymore as tears rolled down his eyes.

It is safe to say that 20 years later, White still grieves over the untimely death of the Hollywood Star who played his on-screen girlfriend in “Family Matters.”

Michelle Thomas passed in 1997 after doctors diagnosed her with an intra-abdominal desmoplastic small-round-cell tumor — a rare form of stomach cancer. In 1998, doctors carried out surgical removal of the tumor. The growth started again and was evacuated a second time.

However, Thomas could not hold on for long as her health deteriorated during the holidays. In December 1998, Michelle took her last breath while surrounded by family and friends.

Jaleel White is one actor who greatly felt the impact of her death as she was not just a colleague but his good friend.

In 2017, “Entertainment Weekly” organized a “Family Matters” reunion as all the alum stars of the TV series gathered for a photo shoot. White took to Instagram as he penned a tribute in honor of Michelle Thomas.

“No reunion would be complete without me acknowledging our beloved Michelle Thomas. This little ray of sunshine gave me some of the best physical comedy moments I'll ever play on screen,” Jaleel wrote as he reminisced on the life and times of the late star.