Jaleel White and his look-alike daughter make funny faces rocking coordinated outfits

Jul 20, 2018
04:22 P.M.
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The actor rarely shares photos of his family to his social media accounts, but has broken that rule a few times lately when it comes to his growing daughter. 


41-year-old Jaleel White, known for his role on Family Matters, is a family man in real life too. He has a 9-year-old daughter, Samaya, with whom he is very close, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy. 

The proud papa is a big part of his daughter's life, spending as much time with her as he can, even taking her to school in the mornings. 

And while he's usually fairly private about his personal life, he recently posted a number of photos to his Instagram account of his sweet little girl with him, including one of them enjoying a Dodgers game together.


The image was a selfie taken by White, who was wearing a black shirt covered by the Los Angeles Dodgers’ jersey. He also chose to accessorize with a pair of black sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap.

His only daughter Samaya, who was born in 2009, sat next to him in the stadium. The young girl, who looks a lot like her famous father, was also wearing black sunglasses with a white polka dot design all over it, and a white Dodgers’ jersey. 

"May the 4th be with you," he captioned the shot, as the game had taken place on the 4th of July. 

As soon as he shared that picture, his fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. 


One of them was Instagram user Marquetta Page, who said that the award for best father should go to White for the "absolutely amazing" relationship he and his daughter seem to have.

Several other users, including Tamiko Adair and Shay Nixon, noticed how similar White and Samaya looked, comparing the father-daughter duo to a set of twins. 


Another pic that he recently shared of himself and his daughter showed them enjoying the great outdoors at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, with tall mountains and trees in the background as Samaya was treated to a piggy-back ride. 

"Baby, chill We tryna take a serious pic #backdropsorealitlooksfake#godscountrty #godsplan Hope everyone had a safe and love filled holiday," White wrote. 


In June, White also took to social media to share a photo of the excitement on Samaya's face on her last day of school before the summer holiday. White had a slight smile on his face, but Samaya couldn't contain her joy at the vacation time. 

In the image, which was shot in their car, the sweet little girl looked delighted to be free as she poked her head forward between the seats for the photo. On the seat next to her, she had her black backpack with pink and black polka dot accents.


Samaya’s mother is White's ex-partner, Bridget Hardy. As I Love Old School Music reported, they started their relationship in 2006 and parted ways in 2012. In March of that year, White was accused of domestic violence and cheating on her. 

However, in April 2012, the actor revealed that those allegations were not true and that Bridget had filed the suit as a way to extort money from him. 


White pointed out that he has never been arrested in his life and that he doesn’t have a history of violence, which according to him, is a proof that Hardy's allegations were part of a ploy to get her hands on some money.

He also shared that apart from the monthly child support, a dollar amount had been "pushed across the table" as a way to say: "pay this and everything goes away."