Jonathan Scott Reveals He Will Adopt Kids If He Doesn’t Find the Right Person in Four Years

TV personality, Jonathan Scott reveals that he is ready to be a parent regardless of if he finds a partner or not. Scott seems to be eager to become a dad!

The reality star who recently celebrated turning 41, alongside his twin brother, Drew Scott in Mexico, spoke with “PEOPLE” on its recent issue that he longs to become a dad. He also went down memory lane as he thought of his past relationships.

Scott is not a stranger to romance or matrimony; in fact, he was once married to Kelsy Ully, a crew scheduler for an airline. But the marriage ended up in a bad breakup. He also dated producer, Jacinta Kuznetsov for a long time before the pair called it quit.

The “Property Brothers” co-host put a halt on his dating life after splitting with Kuznetsov. However, Scott seems to be catching baby fever, and he made his desires known. Jonathan continued as he mentioned that although he cherishes his single life, he wouldn’t mind trying his hands at love once again. 

“I just want to be around people who bring energy, and when you walk away, you feel good about yourself and good about them. That’s it. The other people, I don’t need them,” the home renovation expert stated adding that there is no better feeling than realizing one has that special person to return to at the end of the day.

Scott went on to talk about the signals that show he is ready to become a father. The celebrity contractor referenced his relationship with kids as he made it known that he finds it easy to get along with kids when he visits their home for renovations. 

Scott, 45 is fascinated by the idea of training a young mind he could call his own, and the star revealed that he doesn’t mind adopting. 

However, Jonathan’s Twin, Drew Scott recently got married, and this might be what triggered the reality star's decision of wanting to tie the knot. Although their marital status differs, the twin brothers have made a name and fortune for themselves by combining business and entertainment. 

Together, the Scott twins have successfully co-hosted seven shows centering on building and renovations of homes.