Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Shows off Dad and Grandad Tattoos on His Toned Body

Cameron Douglas is spotted in a parking lot showing his heavily tattoed torso with the portrait of his father and grandfather, both legends of the Hollywood movie industry. 

The oldest son of Michael Douglas and grandson of Kirk Douglas went out to buy some groceries at a grocery store in Los Angeles and when he got out of the car, he exhibited his fitness body by revealing his naked torso full of tattoos including the face of his famous father and grandfather.

Wearing blue shorts and matching shoes, he approached the entrance of the store with his white T-shirt in his hand to put it on before entering. Cameron Morell Douglas, 40, is the only son of Michael Douglas, 74, and the film producer Diandra Lucker, 63.

The couple was married since 1977 and they separated in 1995 to finally divorce five years later. In March of 1999, Michael began dating actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, welcoming her first son Dylan in October 2000. They married in November 2000 in New York and in April 2003 their daughter Carys was born.

Cameron has been an actor and DJ for a while now. However, he is also known for his addiction to drugs which led him to be convicted in 2009 for possession and trafficking of illicit substances and to spend 5 years behind bars.

In 2011 he received a second additional sentence of 4 and a half years for possession of substances inside the prison for his personal use. He should have left in 2018 but they simply released him.

After leaving prison in 2016 Cameron had his daughter Lua in 2017 with his girlfriend Viviane Thibes, a yoga instructor. During his stay in jail, he maintained a relationship with a member of his legal team, lawyer Jennifer Ridha, who wrote a book about this relationship called 'Criminal That I Am'.

Since he was 13, Cameron has had problems with drugs, being arrested for that at least three times. Once in 1999 for possession of cocaine, another in 2007 for possession of liquid cocaine in the vehicle where he was traveling and the last one was arrested by the DEA, they got him 0.5 pounds of methamphetamine and charged him with attempted distribution.

While he was in jail, his lawyer and mistress Jennifer provided him with drugs, in addition to his ex-girlfriend Kelly Scott who was also his assistant, she visited him and bring to him hidden drugs, for which she spent four months in prison.

At the moment, Cameron leads a more peaceful life with his girlfriend and his daughter. Maybe as his father Michael said in an interview, he is more aware of how old he is and how much time he has left to live. It is no longer felt that life is eternal and must be lived with meaningful relationships and in a way that is worthwhile.

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