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Tiffany Haddish Secretly Taped Casting Agents Giving Her Racist Feedback

Monica Otayza
Jun 01, 2019
12:26 A.M.
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While on The Hollywood Reporter Comedy Actress Roundtable, Tiffany Haddish reveals she once secretly taped casting agents giving her racist feedback after auditions. 


When asked the question on what the most amusing or frustrating feedback she once got was for a part, she revealed that she would usually put her phone on voice memo while in her bag, and once she's done with the audition, she'd walk out and "accidentally" leave her bag. 

Haddish reveals that she'd then walk in again, saying that she forgot her purse. 


When asked what she would hear, she said: 

"'She is not as urban as I thought she'd be.' Or, 'She is so ghetto.' 'Her boobs aren't big enough.' 'I really think we should just go with a white girl.'"

As for how many rooms she left it in, Haddish says that she's done that in a lot because she's sneaky. 


"I want to hear so that I can write jokes about it. That and also so that I use it to my advantage and grow. Like all this, "Jeez, she can't read. She said every word wrong." And I'm like, "They're right." So, I start reading out loud more and practicing and it helps me in the long run. So, sure, they hurt my feelings and sometimes I'm like, "Damn, what a [expletive]. I'm never going back in there," but …"

While Tiffany gets hurt about getting racist feedback, she doesn't let this affect her relationship with people of a different race. In fact, she sat beside famous designer Michael Kors at the Tony Awards last year, which she got a lot of hate for. This comes after Kors himself was caught saying that he is "tired of pretending to like Blacks."



Seeing the negativity in the comment section of her post, Tiffany felt the need to respond to her fans' concerns. 

“From what I could see and feel that statement was not true. I actually think he loves all people. I got the vibe that he just wants the best for all and have a Good Time in the process.”