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President Donald Trump's New Hairstyle Sparks an Avalanche of Comments on the Internet

Ra'eesah Manack
Jun 07, 2019
09:09 A.M.
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The US president, Donald Trump, ditched his renowned hairstyle for a flat look during a visit to a Virginia church. He appeared to have stopped in after leaving the golf course nearby.


Donald Trump's hair is a common conversation starter next to questions about the president’s tax returns and whether or not he obstructed justice in the Mueller investigation.

Needless to say, when he opted for a new look, it caught the attention of both fans and haters as the president usually sports a trademark bouffant.


Jimmy Fallon confirmed the bouffant is really attached to Trump’s head. It is infamous for its construction, color, and flimsy hold on the president’s scalp. However, it seems the president is trying out a new look.

On Sunday, the President made an unscheduled appearance at a church in Virginia. He surprisingly sported a much flatter look from his usual style.


The unannounced stop at the church was made after Trump left his private golf club in Sterling, Virginia. He appeared onstage with pastor David Platt who prayed for him.

“What’s going on with Trump’s hair?”

Trump then left the stage without addressing the congregation. The visit created a huge outcry on social media.


The sight of Trump's hair after he removed his baseball cap immediately caught the attention of social media users. It was flat, wet, and surprisingly long compared to his usual style.

Over the years, commentary on Trump's hair has become commonplace. Even Vanity Fair wrote a piece titled “Illustrated History of Donald Trump’s Hair,” which is published with the warning: “Don’t Read Before Lunch!”


Needless to say, the first question that arose on Sunday night, was: “What’s going on with Trump’s hair?” People compared the new style to Michael Scott from "The Office" season one, Gordon Gekko and Biff from "Back to the Future."

Besides his hair, many also pointed out that the President of the United States was looking very pale. Others were more concerned that the president showed up to church in his golfing gear.


Today, the President and his wife arrived in the UK on Air Force One. They landed at Stansted Airport earlier this morning. 

The official three-day state visit includes meetings to discuss climate change and Chinese technology firm Huawei during talks with Theresa May, the outgoing Prime Minister. The president will also get to meet the royal family.

The Queen will also host a banquet to honor their state visit and talks with May are set to begin on Tuesday.