Morgan Freeman Lives with 'Excruciating' Pain Because of This Rare Condition

Following an interview with the "A" list celebrity Morgan Freeman, Tony Chiarella, author of an article published by "Esquire" magazine, made what was his attention to detail a remarkable turn of event-letting the world know of Freeman’s struggles with Fibromyalgia.

What was initially meant to be one of those “A day spent in the life of…” moments quickly became a pivotal moment not just for the "A" list celebrity himself, but for those who were also suffering from the same rare condition. 

It became a deep solace, and a reminder of hope, for those with the disease that they are not alone. It is sporadic to find a celebrity genuinely open up about their struggles without some hidden agenda in play. In today’s world, wherein stars kept their personal lives extremely private for fear of losing their jobs, it was remarkable and somewhat comforting to see Freeman “casually” open up about his daily battle. He is flawed and human like the rest of us.  

When Tony Chiarella takes note of Freeman repeatedly grabbing his left shoulder while looking to be in immense pain not only when he walks but also when he sits still, when he rises, and even when he missteps, Freeman replies with the statement,

“It’s the fibromyalgia. Up and down the arm. That’s where it gets so bad. Excruciating.” 

This casual statement made by the actor, however, caused waves with most of it coming from the Fibromyalgia community. Why so? It is simple. Although there had been other celebrities, who had at one point in time come out and speak up about their struggles and challenges with Fibromyalgia none of them had had the magnitude of pull Morgan Freeman has, which was what was needed to garner a lot more awareness about the condition.  

How can "God" suffer from a condition? Morgan Freeman, who acted God in the movie Bruce Almighty has, as a result of his struggle with Fibromyalgia, been forced to forgo a lot of his usual hobbies and passion. 

All these started as a result of an accident in which the car Freeman was driving somersaulted and rolled, causing the actor and his friend to be pulled from the car wreckage. The outcome of this accident ended up in surgery with the hope of repairing the nerve damage caused as a result of the crash.  

Although many speculate the authenticity of Freeman’s condition, it goes without saying, the rest of the world, are now paying more attention to the rare condition—Fibromyalgia.