Abby Lee Miller Opens up about the Abuse She Suffered during Her Stint in Jail on Fraud Charges

Abby Lee Miller in a heartbreaking interview opened up about the abuse she faced in her early days in prison, but her tale of woes do not end there.

In an interview with "Access Live," "Dance Moms" star, Abby Lee Miller, opened up about the eight months she spent locked away in a federal prison in Pittsburgh for bankruptcy fraud.

She recalled that on her first day, she was "Abused" by a female prison guard who wanted to take off her eyelashes, kicked her bed, and screamed obscenities at her.

Miller also claimed that she got thrown into solitary confinement, and had red soda pop sprayed into her locker. She also had her thyroid and diabetes medication stopped by the prison doctor.

However, despite all of these, things were not all bad. The reality star told the news outlet that she got to walk in the sun, stay in shape, and read about 150 books.

The universe equally favored her by sending a new warden that knew of her case, and the TV star credits him as the reason she got out in March 2018.

After leaving prison, things got worse for Miller. She found out after an emergency back surgery that she had Burkitt Lymphoma.

In an Instagram post, she revealed she had symptoms for a while, but the ER doctors could not diagnose it. The dance coach wrote that she had ten chemotherapy treatments, three spinal taps, and two surgeries to cure herself.

Miller also underwent a series of physical therapy and had to learn how to sit, crawl, and she hopes to walk in the future; she currently uses a wheelchair.

In an interview before prison with Jedidiah Bila of "The View," she said she was terrified of what the inmates would do to her and is relying on prayers and guidance from God to get her through it.

Miller now considers her experiences as a script she had to act out. The star said during an appearance on "Good Morning America" that she is cancer free and the bad experiences in prison and her cancer fight only made her tougher.

The TV personality is also looking into helping out with prison reforms, and she told Tanika Ray of "Extra's" that she would love to work with Kim Kardashian in changing the way inmates get treated.

Miller is also starting her new show "Dance Moms: Resurrection" on June 4, and she is thankful for the doctors who diagnosed, treated and gave her a new lease on life.