Barry Williams's Ex's Alleged Confession: ‘He Made Sure We Were Evicted Weeks before Christmas’

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 05, 2019
04:49 P.M.
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Elizabeth Kennedy has come out to reveal that her Ex-boyfriend Barry Williams had been a deadbeat dad to their three-year-old daughter, Samantha.


When Elizabeth Kennedy sat down with "Extra" to discuss the relationship between herself, her Ex Barry Williams, and her daughter, it was apparent there was no love found amongst the three of them.

Barry Williams and Elizabeth Kennedy during 5th Annual TV Land Awards | Photo: Getty Images


The two had met in 2006, and from the way Kennedy described the encounter, it was clear that none of them had envisaged the dislike that would follow in the coming years.

According to Elizabeth, Barry had abandoned her and their three-year-old child Samantha without providing any support. When Barry learned that Kennedy was pregnant, he wasn't too happy about it.  She said:

“When he found out I was pregnant, he wasn't exactly thrilled at first. I was just so overjoyed when I found out I was pregnant; I didn’t care if he was in the picture now.”


Speaking on his absent contribution towards Samantha’s life, Kennedy revealed that Barry is trying so hard to cut out Samantha from his life finally, and she fears it would affect the child and her Ex in future. She told Extra:

“He has spent the last several years working with his estate planner and tax attorneys and his family law attorneys on how to restructure, re-allocate, redistribute, rename various assets so that they're not included in the configuration of a child support award. There's you know quite a few different avenues that he has in which to creatively channel money so that it looks like none of it's his.”

According to Kennedy, Barry's laid-back attitude and demeanor have caused her to be broke and without a home. She said:


"He Made Sure We Were Evicted Weeks before Christmas"

Elizabeth Kennedy and Barry Williams during The 8th Annual Pageant of The Masters Gala Benefit | Photo: Getty Images

It should be noted, however, that Kennedy didn't have a regular delivery of Samantha because she was born prematurely. Few complications made the medical bill rise to over a million dollars.


Kennedy had signed up as the only guarantor, and without any help from her Ex, she had been left with no choice than to shoulder the debt of the medical bills.


Barry has come out to deny the accusations, brandishing Kennedys statements as rubbish vehemently. Apparently, to Barry, Kennedy was nothing to him more than a “sexual companion,” and he believes her accusations are mere rants coming from a “scorned woman.”

The TV reality show maker and former “Brady Brund” actor believes Kennedy got pregnant on purpose to tie him down to her, and he denied the accusations that he's responsible for their being homeless and broke.

The matter has been taken to court where the judge would deliver the final verdict.