Susan Boyle Admits That Asperger's Diagnosis Was ‘Just a Relief’ for Her in New Interview

Susan Boyle speaks openly about being autistic and how getting a diagnosis helped her to understand why it is so difficult for her to handle the fame and the press.

Ten years ago Susan Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, one of the disorders of the so-called Autism Spectrum. She says that now, at 58, she has understood how to take things slowly and face the challenges of fame, better than in those days when she began her career.

Susan took 2nd place in the "Britain's Got Talent" contest in the 2009 edition. She was an unknown housewife from a small town in Scotland and suddenly jumped to fame. She was well known for her meltdown in the backstage and at the airport, showing that this was a lot for her to handle.

"I had not had any sort of formal training on how to deal with the media and stuff like that. I'm a bit more relaxed now. Take everything in my stride. I think I've matured a bit," she commented with a laugh.

She says that now she doesn’t turn into "King Kong Mother" as she once did after getting really angry and that she learned to calm herself through relaxation techniques. She added that it was a relief for her to receive the diagnosis of Asperger because she feared to have brain damage as a child.

When you have Asperger you must make people realize that sometimes you must go at your own pace and that you should not bombard yourself with things. And at that time, Susan was under a lot of pressure.

At this moment, she thinks that life begins at 58 and she feels very happy, as happy as anyone can be. Susan still has many things on her bucket list, things that many people take for granted.

One of them is learning to ride a bicycle, she has shared that when she was a girl she never had one and now she not only has a bike but learned how to drive it. Now she has a license, and can keep driving in a straight line without deviating, she said with a laugh.

Another thing she said she would like to do is having a horse. These animals seem beautiful to her.

Susan is focused to keep moving forward. She has released a new album “Ten”, which she must promote. Her goal is to keep entertaining people while going on tour, that makes her happy.

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