Barbra Streisand Shares a Tearful Photo of Her Cloned Dogs Sitting on Their Mom’s Grave

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 06, 2019
04:16 P.M.
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Barbara Streisand shared on social media, a picture of her cloned dogs sitting on the grave of their mother, and it brought her followers to tears.


Iconic and award-winning actress, Barbra Streisand is a lover of pets, and her fans know it. She owns three cloned hairy Coton de Cutler and shared a touching photo of the trio on her Instagram.


The picture showed the dogs sitting on the headstone of the grave of their mother — Samantha; she belonged to the actress.

Streisand wrote alongside the photo:

 "The twins Scarlet and Violet honoring their mum (with cousin Fanny at the center)."

The photo brought some of her followers to tears, and they wrote on how touching it is.

One follower wrote:

 "Oh my God, this is so touching. Sammie lives on through them."

Another wrote:


"Oh my God, they made me cry; you are so sweet, Barbara. I love the way you are with them."

Another comment read:

"What a touching picture; Scarlet, Violet, and Fanny are so precious. I'm so grateful that your sweet and beautiful Sammie lives on through them."


The dog — Samantha — died in 2017, and Streisand had her for about fourteen years. Before she died, the Oscar-winning actress, took cells from the dog's mouth and stomach; she used it to clone Violet and Scarlet.

Fanny is the cousin of the duo, and the actress got her from the same breeder she got her dead dog from.

In an article she wrote some time ago, the "Funny Girl" star said she couldn't bear to part with her. She decided to maintain her legacy by using her DNA.


In her opinion, any dog owner would understand her decision, and she is very thrilled with her creation. The actress acknowledged that the twins are different from their mother; she said one is sweet and beautiful, while the other is feisty like Sammy.

The 77-year-old actress is waiting to see if when they get older, they’ll take after their mother in seriousness and have the deceased dog's brown eyes.

As for Fanny, Streisand joked that she has some monkey DNA as she is always jumping on the couch, and up and down the table. She also revealed that she cloned Fanny because she could not bear the pain of losing her.


Aside from the icon, Diane Von Furstenberg, cloned her Jack Russell Terrier  — Shannon — in 2016, and Simon Cowell once considered it. Britain's Laura Jacques and Richard Remde cloned their boxer — Dylan — after it died from a heart attack.