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Dad-Of-8 Yung Joc Hurt Because Girlfriend Kendra Doesn't Want Kids with Him

Aby Rivas
Jun 07, 2019
12:53 A.M.
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Yung Joc is a father of eight children, but he’s not done adding to his brood yet. So, when he heard for a friend that his actual girlfriend, Kendra Robinson, doesn’t want to have kids with him, the rapper and reality star was mad and hurt.


On Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” the cast was enjoying their trip to Trinidad, but not without some drama going down.



Kendra and Bambi Benson had a heart to heart as Bambi revealed that her husband, Lil Scrappy, was pressuring her to have another baby. In response, Kendra confessed she doesn’t want to have kids with Young Joc because he already has eight, and she doesn’t want to be “baby mama number five.”

Despite her hesitance to have a child out of wedlock, Kendra admitted she could change her mind if she were to marry Joc, a step she realized she was ready to take.


Bambi then relayed the information to Scrappy in the middle of a conversation about kids, and the rapper, of course, told his friend Joc about it.

Hurt about the fact that Kendra not only said she doesn’t want to have kids with him but also chose to trust someone else with the information, Joc decided to act out as the entire group partied in a Jam Nation festival.



When Kendra noticed her man getting too cozy with other women, she took him aside to put him on his place. However, a very drunk and hurt Joc was ready to let out his feelings.

“You want to spend your life with me, but you want to tell people you don’t want to have kids with me,” he said, taking Kendra by surprise.


And continued:

“It’s just that, you telling somebody something that you haven’t even told me. I’m not saying that I necessarily want to have kids right now but how you gon’ go tell Bambi you don’t want to have kids at all? We talkin’ about marriage. We’ve talked about marriage. We’ve talked about it, and I feel like we’re so close, but now you don’t want to have kids. Now we having an argument about me pouring drinks on women and you not wanting to have kids, it’s kind of even right now.”


Knowing that Joc, real name Jasiel, was too drunk to have a proper adult conversation on the subject, Kendra decided to leave.


Fans of the show criticized Joc for his reaction to Kendra’s decision of not wanting to have more kids.


Most people agreed that he should be happy she’s looking out for him, as eight children are already too much to handle and he doesn’t even seem to be that involved in their lives.

Read some of the comments below:



The rapper has eight children from four different women. He shares a daughter, Ja’Kori, and two sons Amir and Chase, with his ex-wife and high school sweetheart Alexandria Robinson.

His eldest son, Amoni, is the product of a relationship with a woman named Fatimah.

Joc also has twin daughters Cadence and Camora with a woman named Carla, and twin boys Eden and Allon with a woman named Sina. There’s not much information about the baby mamas or their relationship with Joc.