Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's Craziest Moments in Their Iconic Rivalry

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 07, 2019
03:18 A.M.
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Ardent TV viewers will not forget the highly insane times when Bette Davis and Crawford were at loggerheads! Read about the craziest moments of their iconic rivalry


Apart from brewing young talents, the movie industry thrives in the rivalry and competitiveness of fellow TV stars, especially when it results in bizarre dramas!


Both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were screen divas. The friction between these women started in 1933. While Davis was a seasoned actress at that time, Crawford newly joined the industry.

However, the feud started when the media paid more attention to the divorce story of Joan Crawford and her first husband, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. than to the announcement of Davis' rise to fame by the Warner Bros.

Consequently, the tabloids covered the tragic ending of Crawford's union, while the ticket sold in trickles for Davis' premiere.

The resentment was at its infancy at the time and what skyrocketed the whole situation was when Crawford exchanged vows with Franchot Tone, who apparently, Davis admired and loved greatly after featuring in the film "Dangerous" with him.


Davis claimed that she was jealous and that Crawford's marriage to Franchot was a decisive action to see her in pain. On the other hand, Crawford allegedly defended her stand and said that:

"Thought Bette was a good actress, he never thought of her as a woman."

The hate between these women became fierce as they advanced in their career. In 1935, after Davis went on stage to receive an award she wasn't expecting to win, in a placid-looking outfit, Crawford contemptuously murmured words like:

"Dear Bette, what a lovely frock!"


Although few years down the line, Crawford attempted to bury the hatchet between her and the costar when she newly joined Warner Bros., she was shunned by Davis.

The deep-rooted hatred that brewed in Davis made it easy for her to proudly refuse a lead role in the movie "Mildred Pierce." Again, her rival grabbed this opportunity and won an award after featuring in the film.

Amidst their drama, they both starred in the movie, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," their cat and mouse relationship seemingly made the film a box office success.

In 1963, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" earned Davis an Oscar nomination, but to spite her, Crawford went on stage and collected the award which was won by Anne Bancroft who was absent at the award ceremony.


In 1977, after Crawford died, Davis made a nasty comment that signified that she was indifferent and couldn't be bothered about her death. In a quote, Davis joked about how she felt to see Crawford hurt, she said:

"The best time I ever had with Joan Crawford was when I pushed her down the stairs in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'".

In the history of Hollywood, the strain in the relationship of these two cannot be waived aside, as they made the tension also entertaining and were even featured in movies to make sales!