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9 Stories of Famous Celebrities Who Reportedly Wanted to Become Priests or Nuns

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 07, 2019
03:32 P.M.
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Read about nine Hollywood celebrities who reportedly once recalled youthful dreams of becoming a nun or priest and who still, mostly, value their faith.


In no particular order, this is a list of nine famous names it would be shocking to find listed as a nun or priest.



Tom Cruise once dreamed of becoming a priest. He has stolen many hearts with his charming smile and skillful acting so much so that it is tough to imagine him initiated into priesthood.

He was, however, close to it and once attended a seminary school before later becoming the most famous member of the Church of Scientology. Seeing how he is still widely known for his great faith and devotion to the church, he always seems to be living the dream.



Growing up, the stunning actress wanted to become a nun. With a dove like beauty like hers, picturing her in a floor-length garment like a nun’s isn't too difficult, but it sure would be a significant loss to the movie industry!

Famously known for her numerous portrayals in many blockbusters, Hathaway has earned herself a massive fan following since making her way into the industry.

Unlike Cruise, however, she always considered her dreams of becoming a nun as a passing fantasy of sorts because what she wanted was to become a very successful actress. At least, she is living the dream!



Now this one is particularly unsettling! According to reports, the svelte beauty once disclosed that her first dream job was to become a nun.

It was while she spoke in an interview with “Contact Music” where she also detailed that the thoughts died after she discovered that they don't make any money from the job!

She is one of Hollywood’s finest actresses and currently married to world-famous actor Ryan Gosling; she seems to be living the perfect life.



Huston is never too shy to reveal that she once longed to become a nun back in her heydays and even attended a convent school in a bid to achieve the dream. The California-born actress, however, stopped dreaming of that after living with her actor father, John Huston who didn't believe in God.

She said:

“When I was six, I told my father I wanted to be a nun, and he said: ‘That’s wonderful, honey. When are you going to start?’”

As Huston aged, however, she found love and her most popularly recognized relationship is that with Jack Nicholson which lasted for 17 years.




The accomplished filmmaker even reportedly studied at the seminary when he was young thanks to a kind mentor who Scorsese once revealed was a significant influence on many of the young boys at the time. Scorsese, however, ended up venturing into making films and is now widely recognized for his award-winning works.



The handsome “White Stripes” singer, was reportedly once an altar boy, and nearly became a Catholic priest!



The famous British filmmaker grew up as an Irish Catholic and was even an altar boy for eight years. Never the one to shy away, Boyle is known to discuss the similarities between filmmaking and priesthood openly.



Moore makes yet another filmmaker on the list who once revealed that he attended a seminary so he could be a priest. He still draws great inspo from that side of him as he told “ABC News” that his health documentary, “Sicko” came from "a very spiritual place."


Last but not least is Carson Daly, who is popularly known as one of the most famous TV personalities. Although he eventually ended his vying for the priesthood, he still values his Catholic faith.

Which one of these made a very shocking find for you!?