Dyan Cannon Reportedly Confessed Famous Husband Cary Grant Made Her Take Drugs

Veteran actress Dyan Cannon has revealed alarmingly dark details about her short-lived marriage to Cary Grant. 

A “Daily Mail” article has an excerpt from Cannon’s "Cary Grant” book which has her detailing her troubled relationship with Cary Grant, one of the most influential men Hollywood has ever known. 

Even long after his demise, Cannon, who is also an actress, is still widely remembered as his fourth wife. However, theirs wasn't the picture-perfect marriage as the svelte beauty recalled how she was once “force-fed” LSD. 

Cannon first met Grant in 1962 when he was already making big waves in the movie industry. The “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” star disclosed that she was only 25 and that it had felt like a dream to be at his Beverly Hills home.

The eight-year difference between the pair posed no difficulty for them as the relationship progressed and was perhaps even part of the thrill for the couple. 

However, Cannon would come to find out Grant's “unsettling enthusiasm for taking LSD,” which his previous wife had introduced to him.Cannon:

“Cary claimed LSD offered a path to truth and enlightenment, and his tactics to persuade me to try it were rather underhand.” 

After eventually getting a go at taking LSD in 1963 on Grant's insistent demands, Cannon became even more terrified of the drug and anxiously vowed that she would never do it again. That caused the “That Touch of Mink” actor to relent in making demands to have her use the drug. 

Some two years after the incident, the pair tied the knot, fulfilling Cannon’s greatest desire when Grant, who had already been married three times before that, had strongly believed marriage “cuts off the oxygen” in a relationship. 

However, the pair did averagely well, and Cannon revealed that the famous entertainer was especially delighted to find that she was pregnant. 

Unfortunately, Cannon would find out that even being pregnant still wasn't enough for Grant who insisted “there was a place she still hadn't gone” because she hadn't taken LSD and made an appointment to have her use it the very next day.

However, her argument that taking the drug would be detrimental to their unborn child made him “back down,” but things became “chilly and polite” and continued so even after Jennifer, their daughter, was born in 1966. His uncaring attitude eventually caused the actress to try the drug at different times. 

Cannon wrote:

“I hoped that I might emerge from these supposedly ego-shattering, soul-freeing sessions as a shiny new wife who could effortlessly meld as one with her husband, but this succession of acid trips only killed my appetite, disrupted my sleep and made me both nervous and drowsy.”

Despite this, Grant continued being cold with Cannon’s apparent dislike of LSD and asked her for a divorce, albeit through his agent. Cannon would later come to find that that was a plot to get “through to her.” Cannon:

“He was still obsessed with the idea that LSD would make me whole as a person and the spectre of prying Jennifer loose from Cary if we divorced was more terrifying than anything I could think of, including an acid trip.” 

Cannon agreed to try LSD yet again but found the experience so terrifying that she asserted that her “psyche wouldn’t take another battering like that.”

The pair parted ways in 1968 on the grounds of Grant’s emotional cruelty to Cannon. Despite her shocking experience, the mother of one still holds a particular fondness for the late actor as she disclosed that his LSD use had been his one way to deal with the harsh realities of his childhood.