Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV
Source: Source: YouTube/Barcroft TV

Woman Sparks Debates as She Introduces Her 37-Years Older Girlfriend: 'It's like Kissing a Mom'

Odette Odendaal
Jun 10, 2019
11:58 A.M.
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Despite an age gap of 37 years, Julia Zelg, a 24-year-old YouTuber and her 61-year-old girlfriend and political correspondent, Eileen De Freest opened up about their love and the judgment they face.


The couple first met through Tinder in 2018, and it was love at first sight. “When I saw Eileen in person for the first time, I was just in awe of her because she is just the most gentle and lovely person ever. She made me feel so good, and she is just captivating,” Julia told Barcroft TV.


But since the couple started dating, they received a lot of negativity from “haters.” “The only problem is literally all the hate and the closed-minded people. People really judge us without knowing us—people sometimes think I’m using Eileen for money or she’s using me for sex,” Julia told PinkNews in December 2018.

When they met, Eileen felt happy being single and didn’t expect to land in a loving relationship. “We are together because we are together and the age gap is a reality, but it is not something that I was looking for. It’s really great and refreshing to find someone that is such a good match with me and is so similar to me in many ways,” she told Barcroft TV.


While their age gap bothers most people except for them, Eileen and Julia had to come to terms with an unavoidable fact.

“We must be prepared for a “built-in” ending to our relationship that wouldn’t necessarily be there for a non-age gap couple. We know and accept that reality,” Julia told Metro in January 2019.


The couple also got candid about their sex life. “Julia and I have an extraordinarily good sex life, I have never been with somebody who is as exciting as her and fun as hell,” Eileen told Barcroft TV while Julia’s previous conception that older women lose interest in sex turned out to be wrong.

Julia and Eileen also flew to Julia’s home country of Brazil to meet her mother, Ingrid Sellge, for the first time.


With Ingrid eight years younger than Eileen, everyone felt nervous before their first meeting, but any apprehension soon vanished after Ingrid picked them up at the airport. “I enjoyed a lot meeting Eileen, and I was already used to the idea - and her (Julia) being happy, for me is what matters,” Ingrid said.

Their relationship admittingly moved “quite fast” as they had since moved in together, got engaged, and plan on getting married in 2019.


With the support of their families, Julia and Eileen are planning a future together and have learned to take negativity about their relationship at face value. “It does offend me, but I kind of understand that this person’s frame of reference is very narrow and I feel sorry for them,” Eileen added.

They openly share their relationship through videos shared on YouTube and have even recommended age gap relationships. For Eileen and Julia, their age gap only enhances their compatibility and dynamic.


“There is an element of it we enjoy, but it’s the love we enjoy and the compatibility, and its probably enhanced by our age gap,” Eileen told PinkNews.

Similarly, another couple didn’t see their age as a factor when they first met. With an age difference of 45 years, a Canadian couple got married because of an undeniable love they share.

Even though it was love at first sight for them, the woman shared the obstacles she faced in dating her 45-year old now-husband.