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Morgan Fairchild Reveals She Had a Near-Death Experience after Being Kidnapped by Two Strangers

Kareena Koirala
Jun 12, 2019
03:09 A.M.
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Living the life of famous personalities seems like a dream, the fame, the fortune, and the power that comes along with it. But Morgan Fairchild, a prominent figure in the American show business reveals a terrifying incident that makes everyone seem like normal people. 


In an interview with ReelzChannel, Fairchild, 40, revealed that she was abducted after traveling from Dallas to Manhattan to visit her sister. She was 20. 


Recalling the terrifying incident, she shared how she got into the situation: “I was young, I was naive, I was fresh from Texas visiting my sister in 1970 in NewYork City. The west side of NewYork City 40 years ago was not at all like it is right now. I kind of stood out a little bit on the Westside then.”


Continuing her story, Fairchild said that a “big guy” came up next to her while she kept walking on her way. The man was joined by another “big guy” who also walked beside her. That was when she knew she was in danger. 

“They just kinda picked me up by the elbow and shove me in this cab. He had a gun on my head. I had sort of seen the gun in the waistband as I was struggling to get away from them as they were shoving me over into the cab.”

After the men pushed her into the cab, a terrified Fairchild thought that everything was over for her.

“I was just absolutely terrified. I had no idea how I could get away from these guys. I saw my life flash in front of my face.”


As they drove around the city, her fear kept rising when their intentions emerged.  "They kept telling me all these horrible things they were going to do to my body,” she said.


When she didn’t know what to do anymore, the actress decided to crack jokes. To her surprise, the men decided to let her go because they thought she was “funny.”

“Finally, one of them looked at the other and said, 'You know what? She's funny. Let's let her go.' And they did”

Luckily, her charisma got her out of the life-threatening situation. It it wasn’t for her positive outlook, her career wouldn’t have spanned TV, theater, and film