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Here's Why David Hasselhoff Reportedly Hesitated to Marry His 28-Years Younger Girlfriend

Odette Odendaal
Jun 14, 2019
12:35 P.M.
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Legendary television actor David Hasselhoff revealed how he almost let age stand in the way of happiness and the woman he loves, Hayley Roberts.


A chance meeting in Cardiff in 2011 had both David and Hayley googly eyed from the start. The British talent show, “Britain’s Got Talent” had been filming auditions there and Haley and David stayed at the same hotel.


The part-time model ran into David and asked him for a photograph. He gladly agreed on the condition that Hayley gives him her phone number, and soon after they started dating.

“The first time I saw Hayley I knew that I’d marry her and it’s lovely to see her so incredibly happy and easily dedicated to being married,” David told Ok! Magazine.


But David felt conflicted, with an age gap of 28 years, he didn’t want to deprive her of growing old with someone and sharing children.

“For the longest time I didn’t think it was right to marry Hayley as I was so much older and I didn’t want to take away the fun and the youth and the excitement of growing old together and having children,” David added.


The Hoff’s feelings for Hayley grew more intense, and he realized that he felt “really unhappy without her.” So David decided to follow his joy as he said, "I don't want her to get away. I want to trap her because this is the one that I really love.”

In 2016, David decided to propose, and Hayley didn’t hesitate in saying yes, "We were both in tears. I genuinely had no idea he was going to do that. He's asked me before, but it was never for real. Then he pulled out the ring. I cried so hard that he didn't get around to asking, 'Will you marry me?' until about ten minutes later," Hayley told Hello! Magazine.


Having been married twice before, first to the psychic Catherine Hickland from 1984 until 1989, and then to Pamela Bach from 1989 to 2006, David said his marriage to Haley is the only one from the heart.

“When I got down on my knees and said, 'Will you marry me?' It was from my heart. It wasn't an ultimatum. My other marriages were kind of like, well, you've got to get married, or there was an ultimatum. This one is something that I wanted to do," David said.


David has two daughters with his second wife, Taylor Ann, and Hayley, who welcomed the Welsh shop girl with open arms.

Previously a sales assistant in a Debenham store the then-38-year-old Hayley noted that the age gap of 28 years never bothered her. "I don't worry about it. I don’t want to miss out on being with someone I love because of what might happen down the line,” she said.


Shortly before their wedding in 2018, David shared some details with ET regarding their plans and said:

"We're gonna get married on the 31st in Italy. My birthday is on Tuesday, and then we shoot out to the UK and a few places. Then we're going to get married at a very small wedding with her family from Wales in Puglia, which is in southern Italy. And then from there we're gonna go to the Maldives and we'll stay underwater for about two weeks".


With Hayley’s idol being Meghan Markle, she gushed after the wedding that she also officially became an HRH, just like the royal. “I’m now Hayley Roberts Hasselhoff. My initials are HRH, like Her Royal Highness, although I’m Hoff’s Royal Highness – I love it!” she said in the August 2018 issue of OK! Magazine.

The new Mrs. Hasselhoff became the wife of the man who holds the Guinness World Record as the most watched man on television. Most famously known as Mitch the LA Lifeguard during the 1990s in “Baywatch,” others might also remember his as Michael Knight on “Knight Rider.”

David Hasselhoff’s daughters are gorgeous and all grown up, but they are not only pretty faces.

They have made their own way and carved out successful careers for themselves, and their father is very proud.