June 15, 2019

Father of 11-Year-Old Kamren Jones Who Was Shot While Asleep Shares the Devastating Details of That Night

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Kenyatta Jones, the father of 11-year-old Kamren Jones who was accidentally shot and killed last weekend, has opened up about the horrific night he lost his son.

Kenyatta, a single father-of-seven, had moved his family to a bigger home in Channelview, Texas, so the kids could have more room to play, but he had no idea the sorrow that lay ahead.

According to ABC7Chicago, the family had only been in the home for two months when tragedy struck. The Harris County Sheriff stated that multiple shots were fired into the house at about 4:20 am this past Monday, June 10, per PEOPLE.


Kenyatta was unhurt but concerned when he found out his children’s room had been hit. He shared disturbing details from the fateful night, and it’s nothing any parent deserves to experience:

“When I realized that their room was hit, I walked in that room and I started to try to wake everybody up because they slept through it all. I went to Kamren first and I touched him and I said ‘wake up.’ He didn’t wake up. I roll him over, then I look and I see the wound in his dressing. Then I lost it; I’m punching walls, and I’m crying and I’m emotional.”

“They took away our baby,” added another relative as she spoke in tears to ABC7.



The Harris County Sheriff's Department told the station that they think the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. Unknown to Kenyatta, his dream house had a history of on-going criminal activity.

The sheriff’s department confirmed that there were six service calls to the home in the previous year and one of those calls was for a shooting where one of the tenants was targeted.


In describing the tragic incident, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the yet-to-be-identified shooter used an assault rifle which struck and killed Kamren in his sleep.


"They're cowards to shoot into a home not knowing who was in there," he said. "They shot an innocent child that's there, and this is uncalled for. This is sad, tragic, senseless and we're going to go after you."


Kenyatta described his son as a leader and a kid who had so much ahead of him. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family through this difficult time.



Kenyatta’s pains echo that of a young mother in faraway Australia whose toddler was found dead in a dam on Friday, June 7. Two-year-old Ruben Scott had been missing for three days before police divers found him, according to AAP.

Natasha Scott, who said she had Ruben when she was 16, still feels like none of the tragedy is real.

“Ever since you left me it feels like you're going to walk back through my door, yell out 'mum ma' and give me a big cuddle," she wrote on Facebook.


“I had you when I was just 16, we did it incredibly hard but eventually got on our little feet. ...You used to laugh and smile when I played back the videos I recorded of you and now all I do is cry because I know you're never coming back to me.”

No parent deserves to go through the kind of pain Natasha, and Kenyatta must be going through right now, and our hearts and prayers go out to them and every other parent in their shoes.

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