Girlfriend of Man Whose Death Sparked Memphis Protests Reportedly Went into Labor

Alorea Hardwick, 20-year-old Brandon Webber's girlfriend and baby mama, posted a heartbreaking video on her Facebook page. The clip shows her crying in the hospital after she heard the horrible news of her boyfriend's death. 

Brandon Webber was shot dead by marshals on June 12 while they were trying to arrest him. The Memphis man was wanted for various crimes, including a violent felony offence before the horrible incident occurred.

He was shot 16-20 times, according to his dad, Sonny Webber. His girlfriend, also the mother of his 2-year-old son, heard about her boyfriend's death while she was in labour

The couple who were expecting a baby girl had a baby shower on the 1st of June. Brandon graduated from high school with honours back in 2017, and his father revealed that he had plans to further his education. The 20-year-old had also been arrested in the past for driving violations and possession of drugs. 

A few hours before his death, Brandon shared a video of himself rapping inside a car. He was also smoking a joint on Facebook. In the footage, the 20-year-old could be seen looking out the window as he mumbled that he saw the police around his area. 

He then said with a laugh while looking into the camera that the officers would have to kill him. The footage seems to have been deleted from his Facebook page. 

After his death, those who knew Brandon took to Facebook to share tributes of him while others started a protest in his honor. At least 24 policemen and two news reporters suffered injuries during the rally. 

Six officers were taken to the hospital, although they suffered mostly minor injuries. Three of the protesters were also arrested during the riot.

The angry people threw rocks and bricks at the police and also destroyed lots of their cars. The crowd only dispersed after the policemen started fighting back by throwing tear gas. 

Police director Michael Rawlings urged the Memphis people to be patient until all investigation is concluded before spreading possible rumours about the incident. 

Passion Anderson, a 34-year old student and resident, brought her teenage son to the scene on Thursday. She said she worries about her son's safety every day, and she wants him to be conscious of the things that are happening around him.