Woman Pretending to Be City Worker Steals Baby but Abandons Her on the Streets

Aby Rivas
Jun 17, 2019
11:15 P.M.
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A new mom experienced anguish for hours last week when a woman deceived her into believing she would give her financial aid but ended up stealing her newborn daughter. Luckily, the baby is now safe and sound and back with her parents.


Victoria García, a young Mexican woman, gave birth to her daughter Frida Sofía a few weeks ago, and while she was still in the hospital, a woman approached her stating she was a social city worker and wanted to offer her financial aid from the government.


They kept in touch, and the woman even visited Victoria’s home. So, when the woman identified as Nancy but who introduced herself as Hortencia asked García to come down to the Civil Registry to do some paperwork, the new mom accepted.

As they were there, the woman asked García to make some copies of her documents, and she would take care of the baby. However, at her return, García realized the woman ran away with her daughter.


After she made the report to the police, an amber alert was issued, and authorities offered a reward of 100,000 pesos to anyone who gave useful information about the child's whereabouts.

The Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico established a security perimeter to try to locate both the baby and the person who committed the crime.


The next day, residents of the Prados de San Mateo neighborhood in the Naucalpan municipality alerted police they had found a baby wrapped in blankets and laying on the asphalt after hearing her constant crying.

The baby girl was rushed to the hospital, where doctors confirmed she wasn’t injured and was in good condition.

García then identified her as the lost baby, and police carried out addition DNA testing to be sure.


Alejandro Gómez, an Edomex prosecutor, confirmed the finding of the stolen baby in his Twitter account.

“This morning a baby was found in the streets of Praderas d San Mateo #Naucalpan, and was transferred to a hospital; relatives recognized her as the minor stolen yesterday in this municipality. #FGJEM performs the respective procedures for its identification in a scientific manner."


A few hours later, it was reported that police arrested Nayeli 'N' in the community of Villa del Carbón, she was identified as the alleged perpetrator of the kidnapping.

The 39-year-old woman was arrested along with another woman of 27, as well as three men in a spot on the Villa del Carbón highway; they wanted to flee from the State of Mexico, and according to reports, they intended to sell the baby.

Gómez later shared that agents of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Special Prosecutor's Office for Kidnappings in the East Region, accredited the participation of the two women in the crime of kidnapping, for which they received sentences of 35 and 50 years in prison, respectively.

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