Anderson Cooper Mourns Late Mom Gloria Vanderbilt with Touching Photos

Anderson Cooper recently paid a beautiful tribute to his mother, fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt, who passed away on Monday at the age of 95, and said that "there is only love."

The grieving son took to his official Instagram account to share a set of amazing pictures of his mother throughout the years, including a very special one at the end.

Thanks to his post, Cooper's fans and followers can see Gloria at various stages of her life, and the final picture of her hand holding Cooper's is simply heartbreaking.


The tribute was made a day after Vanderbilt drew her last breath and Cooper's way of honoring the woman who gave him life couldn't have been more beautiful.

The CNN reporter accompanied the photos with a message in which he praised her life, and how, in the end, when everything else is stripped away, love is all that remains.

According to Cooper, his mother believed in love more than anyone else, and that it was her guide and solace. He wrote:

“'I love you, you know that,' she would say to me, and I did, I knew it from the moment I was born, and I will know it till the moment I die. It was her greatest gift to me.”

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The late 95-year-old was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer earlier this month, a fact that was revealed by Cooper during an obituary for CNN.

He explained that, upon learning the news from the doctor, Vanderbilt just stood there in silence for a while, and then said: "Well, it's like that old song - Show me the way to get out of this world because that's where everything is."


Two days after losing his beloved mother, Cooper was spotted overseeing the funeral preparations, with ex-boyfriends Ben Maisaini and Julio Reci standing nearby.

The 52-year-old painfully watched a couple of workers from an Upper Easter Side funeral home loading Vanderbilt's coffin into a hearse ahead of the burial service, which will take place in Staten Island, at the family's plot.

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