Shemar Moore Talks Living in Denmark, Praises 'Hero' Mom for His Life

Shemar Moore, the actor best known as Derek Morgan on “Criminal Minds,” took to Instagram to share a throwback post of his mother while traveling around Denmark.

The former model, who has won eight NAACP Image Awards and one Daytime Emmy Award, is currently one of the lead actors in the TV show “S.W.A.T.” in which he portrays Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson.

Shemar uploaded a collage of four photos on Instagram showing the trip he and his mother, Marilyn Wilson, did to Denmark, the country where they lived together for about three years.

“She took me around the world all by herself just hoping and trying to give us the happiest life possible together,” wrote Shemar.


Two of the pics showed the actor side-hugging his mother while posing in front of a house and on a large field with some grass and bushes. The other two were throwbacks portraying Shemar and his mother more than four decades ago.

For the caption, the “Young and the Restless” star wrote:

“HOME SWEET HOME!!! This is Our MOST SPECIAL MOMENT and MEMORY of our trip back here to where it all began in DENMARK… we FOUND our home from 48 years ago where we lived for 3 years.”


Apart from that, Shemar admitted that his mother was excited while they were driving through their old neighborhood, and she even remembered the streets and the buildings around her.

“She remembered the street we lived on but wasn’t sure if she would recognize the house... but SHE DID!!! The color has changed but all else has stayed the same since 1966,” he added.


Shemar remarked that he could also recall a “stone” placed in the driveway and the backyard wherein he used to “run around naked kicking a soccer ball.” He wrote in the post that the current owner let him and Marilyn walk into the house, take pictures, and “breathe it in.”

Later, the actor admitted how proud he was of his mother when she started speaking in Danish although he couldn’t understand anything. After that, Shemar described one of the reasons why he considers his mother is a hero.


“My mother endured and overcame and Risked soooooo much through her life to give me MY LIFE! She took me around the world all by herself just hoping and trying to give us the happiest life possible together... SHE SUCCEEDED!!!” admitted the proud son.

Finally, Shemar said that he was grateful for getting Marilyn as his mother and that seeing her happy and smiling meant “everything” for him.


In May this year, the actor made headlines after posting a photo showing his toned upper body. For the caption, he said that even though he was 49, he was working out hard to get back his “33-year-old body back.”

Unfortunately, an Instagram user took to the comment section to question Shemar’s sexuality, suggesting that he was gay. Soon after that, he denied her allegations and threatened her with “a good time,” as a different user noted.

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