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Pete Buttigieg Says It's ‘Almost Certain’ There Has Already Been a Gay US President

Comfort Omovre
Jun 23, 2019
07:39 A.M.
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President hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, talked to Axios recently, and there he aired his opinion that there has most probably been a gay US President in the past. 


While in an interview with HBO on Sunday, June 16, Buttigieg disclosed that there is a very high chance that one or even more of USA’s former presidents were gay. 


His words roused the media, and many curiously wondered if Buttigieg had anyone in mind when he said this. His Axios interview, which aired recently, clears the air about that as he pushed the point that his statement was purely based on statistics.

A 2011 report seems to buttress Buttigieg’s statement as it states that about 3.5 percent of American adults were estimated to be gay or bisexual. Buttigieg has been the mayor of South Bend, Indiana since 2012 and in April, he first voiced his intention to run for 2020 presidency. 

He has enjoyed great success in his political career and is now one of the most talked about people running for the upcoming presidential election. If Buttigieg wins the ballot next year, the common belief is that he will become the first gay President ever known. 


Buttigieg publicly declared that he is gay in June 2015 during an interview with the South Bend Tribune. He makes the first "openly gay" candidate to run for the Democratic party.

The 37-year-old is not oblivious to the extensive criticism that comes hand in hand with such a declaration, but he is an exemplary man when it comes to how the society has begun to accept members of the LGBTQ community. 


However, Buttigieg countered the beliefs and related that there must have been a president whose sexual orientation is not like the norm. Unlike what many expected, the mayor had no names for the interviewers and only pointed out that he is never even able to tell who is gay and who isn't in person. 

The subject of what President was gay arose as Buttigieg answered a question about what he would say in response to the criticism from conservative people about how he is too young and gay. 

Curiosity and debate about the possibility of a gay former president is nothing new, and many such discussions have placed so much focus on Abraham Lincoln. The fact, however, remains that without some form of a first-hand account, no one can prove such theories.