Dwyane Wade Fires Back at Troll Saying Lebron James 'Carried' Him to NBA Championships

Dwyane Wade spent some effort to respond to his haters on Instagram, who claimed he only won NBA championships because of his then-teammate, LeBron James. 

Although they've remained close friends through the years, many continue to pit LeBron James against Dwyane Wade. Even now that Wade has retired, people continue to put them against one another, going so far as to say James is the only reason why Wade ever won an NBA championship. 

Slamming his haters

After posting a video of him and his family playing by the beach, multiple people messaged him about how terrible he was as an NBA player, and how LeBron carried him to the championships.

To that, Dwyane had a hilarious clapback of "@crackjohnny [your] name is crack Johnny bro. Shut up."

Another user said that he wished Dwyane's "knees had that strength" in his last few seasons. Of course, Dwyane made sure to reply to that, too, saying "wish you could beat me in ball but you can't do hush." 

Lastly, a user named "Diener Travis" called Dwyane a flop, to which he replied, "you would know." 

Now if that isn't classic Dwyane Wade humor, then we don't know what is! 

Wade's First Championship

Contrary to what people think, Dwyane Wade actually won an NBA championship before LeBron James in 2006. While James averaged 31.4, Wade played smarter and averaged 27 points per game, ultimately winning NBA Finals MVP after beating the Mavericks in six games. In the finals, he averaged 34.7 points with almost eight rebounds per game. 

In 2010, they joined forces and played for Miami Heat, with both of them averaging more than 20 points each, but things weren't going so well for them. By December 2010, though, they won an 88-78 win over the Bucks, where Wade drop passed to James who did a tomahawk dunk while Wade ran around with outstretched arms. 

The Epic Trio

This photo would become one of the most epic photos in NBA history, which announced the arrival of Heat's Big 3: Wade, James, and Bosh. 

In the 2012 playoffs, James FINALLY won his first NBA championship alongside Miami Heat, with Wade winning his second. In 2013, they went on a historic 27-game winning streak, before taking a loss to the Bulls. That year, they would win yet another championship, but thanks to another member of their squad: Ray Allen. 

That would be Wade's last taste of an NBA championship before his retirement, which came to life this 2018. 

At 37-years-old, Dwyane Wade retired with three championship rings, and 13 All-Star game appearances. With so many of his years dedicated to the sport he loved, it was definitely hard for him to adjust to retirement. 

A Seamless Transition

With basketball being the center of his life for so many decades, Wade decided to undergo therapy to make sure he seamlessly transitions to retirement. 

“I told my wife, I said, I need to do therapy and we need to do a little bit. I was always against someone that don't know me telling me how to live my life or giving me instructions. But I need someone to talk to about it. Because it is a big change. Even though I got a long life to live, other great things I can accomplish and do, it's not this. So it's going to be different.”

Dwyane Wade is officially out of the NBA, but it will definitely be one of the best if not the best experience of his life and no amount of haters can ever take that away from him.

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