June 21, 2019

Out of the Mouths of Babes Come Some Hilarious Thoughts about Grannies and Grandpas

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What more could be relieving other than taking the kids to share priceless moments with their grandparents; there is usually less noise and less bickering around.

But blessed are the granddaddies, and grand mummies who have to deal with the excesses of the kids, what’s even more intriguing is the style in which these grandparents handle their grandkids, no wonder grandkids employ laughable yet affectionate words to explain their grandparents!

Grandparents have a nice time with their Granddaughter | Photo: Getty Images


 It is no news that these old folks allow just about anything, coupled with the fact that they take their time in doing things for their super grandbabies. Whether it is picking them from school, helping them out with school work, or even spoiling them with what they want.

The kids, in return, may seem naughtier with them than with their parents. It doesn’t change the fact that children love their grandparents just as much as they love them. Here are some humorous ways by kids of explaining the old folks.

Photo of a Grandpa and his Grandson having a good time | Photo: Getty Images


First, grandparents are described as a couple who are in love with other people’s children because they don’t have any. They also do not engage in strenuous activities, like running, but always wait on visitors. They can drive around to shop, and give money to their little fiddle diddles!

Again, grandparents are never in a rush, during walks, they appreciate the scenery by acknowledging a plant or an insect, and never say “HURRY UP!”

Grandparents are patient always in answering even the weirdest questions, and read books calmly, without missing a word or rushing to end it. They also wear funny underpants, and mostly glasses to protect help their vision.


A Grandfather plays with his Grandson | Photo: Getty Images

A granny is a lady who is usually plus size, but not too overweight to tie her shoelaces.  She also loves spending time with her grandbabies!  While, well, granddaddy is a man, and is a brilliant man who knows and teaches lots of stuff to grandkids!


Although grandparents are fragile, and sometimes have to take off their gums and teeth out, they never play with bedtime prayers, and frequently blow goodnight kisses, even when the kids are naughty.

Photo of happy elderly people | Photo: Shutterstock

They don’t have to know everything. Sometimes, they bend down and release gusting wind, but blame it on the dog.

How wonderful to see how much love grandkids share with their grandparents!

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Source: Bored Daddy