Kelly Ripa’s Fans Believe Daughter Will Be ‘Humiliated’ after Her Story about the Ruined Birthday

Kelly Ripa's fans do not share her humor at the ruined birthday story of her daughter, Lola, and they are letting her know it in a non-friendly way.

After Father’s Day, Mark Consuelos joined his wife, Kelly Ripa to host her talk show “Kelly and Ryan Live!” in the absence of her co-host, Ryan Seacrest.


The couple narrated that while still in their room on the morning of Father’s Day, which is also, their daughter’s — Lola — birthday, she walked into their room without knocking while they were intimate.

Stunned, the 18-year-old Lola, ran out of the room screaming that Ripa and Consuelos ruined her life and her birthday. The teenager added that she no longer saw things in colors but grey.

Later that same day at brunch, Lola told her parents to behave like adults not like 20-year-olds, describing her walk-in as disgusting.


While a lot of the couple’s fans loved the narrative and saw it as hilarious, others are not very pleased with the celebrity couple.

Julie Marolt wrote on Twitter while replying to the tweet by People on the story, that the parents-of-three should not have made the information public as it only served to humiliate Lola more.

Others said the couple went too far, and one fan went as far as calling the narrative “gross.”Despite these reactions, Ripa and Consuelos would never do anything to humiliate their children; the couple also shares sons, Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16.


The TV host once said that she respects Lola’s privacy and would never share any of her teenage daughter’s photo on social media without her express permission.

The couple recently revealed that they taught their children to speak their minds and stand up for themselves. Apart from this, the talk show host and her actor husband taught their children to build relationships and networks, and be people who stick to their commitments.

Ripa and Consuelos are also proud parents; Lola had her high school graduation in May, and the 48-year-old TV personality shared a photo on Instagram of the entire family with the young graduate in her robe.

The young adult will start at New York University in the fall; her brother Michael already schools there, and hopefully, there will be no more walk-ins once Lola is safely away in college.

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