Little Boy Runs into the Kitchen Every Time He Hears His Dad Open a Candy Jar (Video)

Comfort Omovre
Jun 24, 2019
09:37 A.M.
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For the love of Candy! A Texas toddler runs into the kitchen every time he hears his parents open the candy jar, and there is more to it than a candy summon.


A hilarious video of a little boy from Houston, Texas, running into the kitchen every time he hears his parents open the candy jar, is making the rounds on YouTube.


In the video compilation, the hand of one of the parents is seen opening a glass candy jar with a clicking sound, and the little boy running into the kitchen expecting to get candy.

In the first clip, the toddler wearing white pajamas with blue-collar ran into the kitchen upon hearing the sound of the jar opening and closing.

In the next clip, the little boy wearing a little teal-green-striped onesie and socks ran into the cooking area holding a tube in his right hand, and he raised his left hand, hoping to get rewarded for his effort.

In the next two clips, his parents repeat the process, and the toddler ran into the kitchen each time, and every time, his parents laugh at his eagerness and hope-filled eyes.


The video did not show if the Texas residents rewarded their son's efforts and enthusiasm, but from the video, it is clear they enjoy the antics, and those who have viewed the clips find it funny too.


On YouTube, the comments by viewers ranged from cute to adorable. There were also heart-shaped emojis, and one viewer wrote, “Aww! His cute little legs.”

As adorable as the clips were, the parents of the little boy had a reason for the jar tricks. Writing on YouTube, they revealed that the toddler’s name is Jace, and the clips were made in June.

The proud parents said after they noticed that he loved candy, and the opening of the jar got his attention, they decided to do something productive about it.

The unnamed parents added that rather than call out to him whenever they need his attention; they decided to use the jar trick as a beacon, adding that it was quicker and more effective.


So far, the trick has worked to the delight of the little boy’s parents, and there’s a chance that they’ll continue with it until it doesn’t work anymore.

It is a win-win situation, as the parents get what they want and Jace, hopefully, gets candy as his reward.