'Baskets' Star Louie Anderson Opens up How Playing a Woman Made Him Closer to His Late Mom

Joe Akins
Jun 24, 2019
07:26 P.M.
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Louie Anderson has disclosed that playing the role of Christine Baskets on the famous TV series, “Baskets” has made him a lot closer to his late mother.


The veteran entertainer appeared in an interview with "W Magazine" where he explicitly discussed how he had gotten inspiration from his real mother, Ora Zella while playing the role of Christine Baskets in the popular FX comedy series, “Baskets.”


Christine has now become a fan favourite, and this is all thanks to Anderson’s epic portrayal. It is, in fact, hard for many to believe that the person playing Christine is male!

After getting over the initial shock, many have come to agree that he seems to be the perfect fit for the role which Anderson indeed claimed was inspired by his birth mother. 


During the "W Magazine" interview, the 66-year-old star revealed that playing Christine has made him achieve a high level of intimacy with his mother, and he even now regards the work as a tribute to her. The award-winning comedian takes the role earnestly right from Christine's little endearing mannerisms down to her dramatic costume which includes a wig and dresses. 

However, Anderson makes sure to play Christine with more sincerity than hilarity, thus showing off the importance of the role. When asked what exact parts of Ora Zella he taps into while playing Christine, Anderson said:

“Generally, head to toe. I kind of stole her whole identity.”


Anderson went on to further explain that he has taken up her character so much so that he now feels “more comfortable” as Christine than as himself.

The “Life with Louie” star also stated that he gets emotional as he regularly considers how his mother must have felt raising her 11 children back then.  When asked about the sacrifices moms are expected to make, Anderson said:

“I wrote this book recently called Hey Mom, and I realised my mom just lived for us. I think she gave up living for herself in some ways.”


Anderson further related that now all grown and well past his prime; he can think back and contemplate his mother's state of mind back then at a time when he was oblivious to such things. He explained that he always wonders if she had been happy or if she only lived in “constant self-doubt and depression.” 

However, Anderson mentions that he continuously finds comfort in the fact that, even though long after her demise, Ora Zella is receiving “true love” from fans of “Baskets.” 

“Baskets” airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on FX.