New Update on Beth Chapman’s Coma: Her Situation Is Reportedly ‘Touch and Go’

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 25, 2019
12:48 P.M.
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Beth Chapman's situation remains the same despite a new report that she might be leaving soon. He also shared a hospital picture showing off her nail design.  


Beth, 51, was admitted into the Queen's Medical Center on Saturday night after she allegedly couldn't "catch her breath," reported the Blast. The day after, her husband asked fans for prayers. 

The reality star who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, was later placed in a medically-induced coma because she was pulling out the equipment necessary to treat her, making things too difficult, reported Heavy. 

The hospital also inserted a ventilation tube to assist with Beth's breathing, but they later removed it to make her as "comfortable as possible" as per the family's wishes. 


As described by a close source of the Blast, this is a "touch and go," despite Beth's ongoing presence in the hospital. The only other update came from Bonnie, Beth's daughter, but it was also very brief. 

She said:

"There's not much of an update I can give, I can say she's getting good care. I know you guys wanted more, but y'know it's a coma, much much [sic] can be updated."

Beth's entire family is reportedly at her side as she remains in the coma which is meant for her body recover from the traumatic medical emergency. According to the family lawyer, Andrew Brettle, who spoke to USA Today, she's in "very serious" condition.


Even stepdaughter, Lyssa, said she has been with Beth. Back in May, the two had a public feud when Beth accused Lyssa of not telling her Happy Mother's Day and not inviting her and Duane to her daughter's graduation. 

Lyssa denied the claims at the time, but her tone was indicative of sour tensions between the two. When the public learned that Beth was taken to the hospital, they urged Lyssa to end the feud before she regrets not doing so. 

On Monday, Lyssa Twitted the hashtag "#KeepFightingBeth. In another tweet, she wrote, "I’ve been with her since she was back in Hawaii. Our family isn’t perfect but we’re family."


We learned that Beth decided not to undertake chemotherapy treatment in May, calling the cancer battle an "ultimate test of faith." She was speaking at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida at the time. 

There, she said that chemotherapy was simply "not [her] bag, people." Since that time, Beth has regularly posted updates where she appeared to be doing well. 


The throat cancer returned in November 2018 when Beth experienced a blockage and had to be rushed to the hospital. Prior to that, Beth was diagnosed with cancer in late 2017, and it was successfully removed through surgery two months later.

This time, the bounty hunter is battling stage II cancer. Still, the support of family and fans seem to be helping. On Monday night, Duane shared a photo of Beth's lower arm as she lay in the hospital bed. 

The picture showed that Beth's nails were colored pink and white and adorned with glitter. Even though there was also a swab stuck to her hand, and soft bands around her wrist, Duane focused on his wife's gorgeous manicure.


"You all know how she is about HER NAILS !!" he wrote. No update was given, but we pray for Beth to make a full recovery and we also extend prayers to the family and hope they are given relief soon.