Fans Urge Lyssa Chapman to Stay Strong After Her Last Inspiring Message

Joe Akins
Jun 25, 2019
01:03 P.M.
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Lyssa Chapman's fans are rallying behind her, asking her to stay strong after her last inspiring message to her step-mother, Beth Chapman, on social media.


Lyssa Rae Chapman, the 31-year-old daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” reality series took to Twitter to share an inspiring message to her step-mother, Beth Chapman, following her recent hospitalisation.


Lyssa, who also goes by Baby Lyssa, wrote a short but uplifting message with three simple words, “Keep Fighting Beth." The message touched the heart of the fans of the Hawaii resident, and they rallied behind her to give their support.

One fan who goes by Debz, tweeted the reply “Stay strong Lyssa,” adding a blue heart-shaped emoji at the end.

Another fan wrote,

“My thoughts and prayers to you and your entire family,”

while others tried to understand how Beth could have gotten so sick.


The news of the reality star’s hospitalisation broke following a tweet by Duane informing their fans that his wife is in a medically induced coma fighting for her life, and asking them to send a prayer her way.

The 51-year-old bounty hunter got admitted to the Queen Medical Center in Hawaii after paramedics took her from her home following a breathing problem.


The reality star is battling throat cancer, and before her hospitalisation, the mother-of-two had a public disagreement with Lyssa, whom she accused of not sending her a Mother’s Day message.

Even after things seemed to have cooled off between the two, Lyssa came under fire for posting a picture of herself, wearing a two-piece swimsuit in the wake of her step-mother's coma.

Fans called it insensitive, and asked the mother-of-one to take them down, which she did.


The former bounty hunter replaced it with a photo of herself and Beth smiling, and she told her critics that since her stepmother’s coma, she has been with her family.

Lyssa added that her family like most is not perfect, but that does not change the fact that they are a family who supports each other.

In the light of the 51-year-old bounty hunter’s condition, Duane can use all the support he can get. The TV star shared a photo of his wife’s hand covered in hospital wristbands and IV tube.

He joked about her well-manicured nails writing on Twitter,

“Y’all know how she is about her nails.”

As fans continue to send their thoughts and goodwill towards Beth, they are hopeful that she would overcome this setback and win the battle she called “The ultimate test of her faith.