Lyssa Chapman Responds to Criticism after Beth Was Put into a Coma

Lyssa Chapman has finally responded to criticisms concerning her strained relationship with Beth Chapman, her stepmother.

It is no news that Lyssa Chapman, who is Duane “Dog” Chapman’s daughter from a previous marriage, is not on good terms with Beth.

The pair's exchange has been great fodder for media outlets. Beth, who suffers from throat cancer, started it all after she revealed that Lyssa had been treating her wrongly. Lyssa, however, refuted the claims and spitefully insinuated that Beth was only seeking attention.

Many fans have always been on Beth's side with some even aiming biting criticisms at her 32-year-old stepdaughter. One such fan aired her opinion about the tense relationship between Lyssa and Beth, especially at this time when the latter’s health is in critical condition.

The fan, @MrsVintage tweeted:

“If Beth weren't here tomorrow, would you have any regrets? A girl needs her grandparents. My husband has helped raise my 3 kids for 25 years. Disagreements or hurts can last a lifetime, or they could be let go of as simple as they started. Love Wins All....let the gentleness be.”

Soon after, Lyssa responded, revealing that she has now set aside her differences to be by Beth's side.

The entrepreneur wrote:

“I’ve been with her since she was back in Hawaii. Our family isn’t perfect, but we’re family.”

Lyssa’s revelation, which is dated June 24, yesterday, has fans in awe and great relief considering that Beth needs every possible comfort she can get now that doctors have induced her into a coma.

The bubbly reality star who first shared her throat cancer diagnosis in 2017 has continuously been the subject of prayers from fans and fellow celebrities.

Although she and her doting husband had come forward to douse tension by revealing that surgeons have removed the cancerous growths, Beth has continuously had everyone worried with news of her constant hospitalisation over the years.

The most discouraging thing for fans as regards Beth's cancer battle, however, was Beth's announcement that she has decided to forgo chemotherapy.

It is one of the reasons fans can't take recent news of her hurried hospitalisation with levity. It has the internet tensed and uttering prayers for her quick resuscitation.

Duane humbly took to Twitter to share the alarming news on June 22, the very day Beth had coincidentally taken to the same platform to share that Duane seemed to have a lot to think about these days.

The couple is known to be very affectionate, and the thought of Duane worried sick over his wife saddens fans. Hope she gets well real soon! 

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