Rapper Method Man Performed at 2019 BET Awards & the Thirsty Comments Started

Veteran rapper Method Man made a rare appearance at this year's BET Awards, and his performance made him the subject of many "thirsty" comments, with everyone noticing how well he's aged. 

Method Man may have been lowkey in the past couple of years, but this doesn't mean people have forgotten about him. In fact, thanks to his collaboration with Mary J. Blige in the 2019 BET Awards, people were reminded of how talented and handsome the rapper actually is. 

A Surprise Appearance

The '90s rapping legend hopped on stage as he performed "All I Need" with Mary, one of their hit songs. 

If there's anything that collab brought to the table, it's that Method Man has aged like fine wine, and everyone definitely agrees. 

For those who need a little refresher course on who Method Man is, he was born Clifford M. Smith Jr. in Long Island, New York. He rose to fame thanks to his hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, before becoming a solo artist and actor. 

A Silent Career

While he isn't always mentioned in the media, people continue to look up to him even if he took a step back from the spotlight. He's even wowed the likes of James Corden, who invited Method Man to his show for a freestyle battle. On "The Late Night Show with Seth Myers," he shared that rappers make good actors because they are "good liars," which he thinks is what makes them very effective. 

Aside from being a rapper and actor, he also ventured into hosting, with the show "TBS Drop the Mic."

Ultimately, Method Man's presence in Hollywood may not be as loud as other rappers, but he's definitely one of those to look out for when he does step out for gigs and guestings. After all, he's known for being one of the most friendly guys according to his Wu-Tang Clan groupmates, and it's a bonus that he seems to be aging backward!

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