Single Mom Left Speechless after Asking for 69 Cents Donation & Getting Much More

A struggling single mother was stunned by the response when she asked Twitter users for a 69 cent electricity donation so she could cook food for her children.

Thabisa Xhelithole is a single mother of two from South Africa who found herself in dire straits, with no money to pay for the electricity she so desperately needed.

On June 16, 2019, Thabisa appealed to Twitter users for a 69 cent - or R10 - electricity donation, giving them her meter number in the hopes that some generous soul would help her out. She was in for quite a surprise.


33-year-old Thabisa who has a 10-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter used the data she had left on her phone to post an appeal on Twitter.

The single mom desperately needed electricity to cook porridge for her children, who were hungry, and had no money, and no-one to turn to.

“At that point I was desperate. There was nothing, I wanted to cook some porridge for my baby who was desperately hungry,” she said.


To Thabisa's astonishment, within hours she had R30 in her electricity account, and a week later the donations had mounted up to R4000 worth of electricity, equivalent to $58.

“The first token I got was for R30. When I got that I was happy. I’d be glad if that’s all I got. But people kept on sending and sending and sending. I told them that it was enough, but they kept on sending anyway,” she said.


Thabisa went back to Twitter, this time to thank the tweeting community for their solidarity and support. The single mom revealed that she got donations from as far away as Canada, and the help keeps pouring in.


Thabisa's story is far from unique and shows the power social media holds, and its enormous potential for good.

The spare change of people from around the world has made a huge difference to a woman who lives in one of the poorest regions in the world.

“I have been overwhelmed by people’s reactions. I appreciate each and everyone who helped by sending electricity, money or just retweeted. It means a lot to me. I’d like to thank everyone,” Thabisa said.

It is stories like Thabisa's that make us all proud to be part of this wonderful social media community that holds now boundaries and reaches every corner of our world.


Single mom Tawny Nelson was already at her wit's end when her car broke down and left her stranded in a grocery store’s parking lot with her 4 young daughters.

Tawny sat in her car in the pouring rain at a loss on what to do when a man knocked on her window.

The elderly man handed her a plate of chicken strips and biscuits, and some bottles of water.

“Feed those babies and yourself young lady. I have a tow truck on the way, and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home,” said the man.

The next day a mechanic brought her car back to her house. He had replaced her battery and alternator and also fixed her car window, but when Tawny asked him how much she owed him for the repairs, the mechanic told her the bill was already paid.

Tawny's secret angel had paid for the repairs and made the single mom's life a lot easier.

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