July 02, 2019

Watch the Moment Deaf Toddler Hears Mom Say 'I Love You' for the First Time

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A deaf toddler was given a second chance at hearing after getting Cochlear implants. A new video is going viral of his mom saying "I love you" for the first time, and it is absolutely heartwarming. 

Little A'deja war born deaf, so she had to live in silence for a year. However, when she was finally able to obtain cochlear implants, her world completely changed. 

1-year-old A'deja Rivers has not heard the words "I love you" from her parents since she was born, but thanks to the implants, she was finally able to hear it. 

A Celebratory Moment

The wonderful moment that she first was able to hear was captured by her family, and they all celebrated with her. 


In the video, the adorable toddler sits on her mom, Patricia Shaw's lap, as she plays with musical toys. She then slowly hears her mom say the sweet words. 


Hi, I love you baby. I love you so much," the emotional mom says. 

Her daughter's eyes seemed to widen as she spoke, and their other relatives began introducing their voices to her as well. A'deja's grandmother went next, saying: "Granny loves you. First time you can hear Granny say 'I love you.'"

A Successful Implant

According to audiologist Shelly Ash who initiated the transplant, the little girl had a great reaction.

"A'deja had a great reaction. She took it all in. It was a really neat moment when we could see her awareness on her face, her eyes lighting up." 


As for how her mom feels, she says she is very grateful for A'deja's implants as it is a "complete blessing." 

“All the love that I know she feels, for her to hear it, I know we all felt like, thank God, she’s able to hear us."

A Satisfying Mom Moment 


She also shared that while A'deja has always seen her mouth moving, this is the first time she's hearing her speak and it felt amazing for her, as a mom, to be able to see her daughter intrigued by that new part of her life. 

“It was always like, ‘OK, the day is coming up and how is it going to feel?’ And it felt amazing. To know that she heard me say, ‘I love you,’ and she might have saw my mouth moving, but the first time she heard me say it, and her eyes lit up, it was a complete blessing.”

Now, A'deja is a curious and adventurous baby who is trying to be a part of everything. You go, little girl! 


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