July 02, 2019

Chris Brown Calls Critics 'Budweiser Frogs' after Backlash over 'Nice Hair' Lyrics

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One of Chris Brown’s latest songs contains lyrics about black women that are sparking outrage, and the singer has some choice words for anyone who is taking offense.

Brown, who is no stranger to controversy, dropped his ninth studio album, “Indigo” last week, thrilling fans with a whopping 32 tracks, one of which is “Need A Stack.”


In the track which features Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas, and contains explicit language, Brown raps about only wanting to “[F-word] the black [expletive] with the nice hair.”

Brown used a derogatory term for women in the controversial line, but it was his comment about “nice hair” that had most black women upset.



The line sparked outrage from several quarters, and in one comment captured by The Shade Room, a fan asked: “So I’ve been a Chris Brown fan at least half of my life… and I just wanted to know what is nice hair?”

For many fans, Brown’s statement was a shot at black women who have, over the years, had to deal with societal perceptions of good hair being those with less coarse textures.



Many women took to social media to air their grievances while others pointed out that Brown had never loved black women.

“What is a black girl with good hair?” asked one Twitter user. “Why do black men insist on making black women second guess their beauty, especially those in Hollywood? @chrisbrown has too much influence to be so reckless with his words.”

Screenshot of a fan comment. | Photo: Twitter/@MzCressida08




Another user brought up Brown’s history of abuse against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna:

“[Expletive] Chris Brown he’s a big [expletive] for calling black women [expletive] and saying he only like the ones with “good hair” I stopped [expletive] when him when he beat the hell out of Rihanna. His career should [have] ended right there.”

“It took the song ‘Need A Stack’ for some of you all to realize Chris Brown don’t see it for Black women & not his dating history & abuse track record?” chimed in a third.

Screenshot of a fan comment. | Photo: Twitter/@_Basey




In his first response to the comments, the “With You” singer referred to those outraged over his song lyrics as “uglies.”

“Yall tripping trippin. Y’all [expletive] don’t wanna [expletive] da [expletive] wit da [expletive] up teeth do you??? Only [expletive] upset is the uglies (not the black queens).”

Brown later shared another expletive-laden reaction, also captured by The Shade Room. The 30-year-old dragged his critics, calling them “[weird] females wit the skid row edges and low self esteem” and saying they “look like the Budweiser frogs.”


Despite the backlash, however, Brown’s album “Indigo” is projected to hit the Number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, according to The Source.


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