Jordin Sparks Recalls 'Terrifying' Time When Son, 1, Took 'Huge Grill Knife'

Jordin Sparks is basking in the joy of motherhood after welcoming her first child, Dana Isaiah Jr., last year. The new mom recently revealed some of the best moments she has experienced as a mom, and some of the frightening ones too.

Jordin Sparks’s son with husband Dana Isaiah recently celebrated his first year of life, and the young couple couldn’t be prouder of the little boy.

DJ, as they call him, has already started to grow into his own person, according to what Sparks told People’s “Celeb Parents Get Real.”

“He’s incredible. It’s been really amazing to see him emerge now," she gushed

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And continued:

"Because it was almost like, he turned 1 and then boom! He was like his own person. Like, I saw little pieces of it, but now, he knows exactly what he wants, what he’s looking at, what he wants to do, where he wants to go if he wants to eat.”


And although watching her son develop that autonomy has been a joyful experience for Jordyn and her husband, it also led to a dangerous situation where, luckily, no one got hurt.

The 29-year-old recalled a time where she left DJ unsupervised for a few moments, and he ended up taking hold of a knife.

Jordin’s life as a mom has been filled with special moments, but a recent one that left her completely overwhelmed took place at DJ’s birthday.

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This is absolutely THE life. 🦋💙 —— I’ve been absent from socials for the past few weeks due to my phone being stolen. Jumping through hoops with apple, my service provider & all social platforms locking me out led to it taking this long! Honestly though, after 20 minutes of it being on, I wanted to throw it at the wall! It’s just so overwhelming. Don’t you think? I’ve truly enjoyed not having a phone or being accessible. It made me come back to center & realize that I can easily live without it. It’s been so nice to be away from all the noise. I’ve been so much more at peace. And I cherish that. So all that to say, I’ll post here and there but I’ll be living my best life in my beautifully messy & full REAL life.🌼

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“I didn’t think there was anything in the pantry,” she explained. “I was like, ‘Oh, it’s just a pantry, it’s food, cool.’ I turned around to put something down, [then] I turned around, and he had a huge grill knife in his hand.”

Sparks was levelheaded when handling the scary situation. She didn’t want to look altered as not to scare DJ, but she didn’t know how to approach the boy without accidentally prompting him to wave the knife.

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My boys. So much love. ♥️

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Eventually, she was able to retrieve the utensil safely, and although she can look back and see the funny side of the story, Jordyn says the moment was “terrifying.” “I wish I would’ve checked [inside the pantry],” she added.


Jordin’s life as a mom has been filled with special moments, but a recent one that left her completely overwhelmed took place at DJ’s birthday on May 2.

The “American Idol” alumni shared an Instagram video that shows the blue-eyed boy dancing to “Baby Shark” and then walking to her with arms wide open and a massive smile on his face to hug mommy.

“In that moment, I just felt so overwhelmed by how much love I have for this little boy, and I realized in that moment that it was reciprocated in the same way that I loved him,” Sparks confessed.

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Hi big boy. I love you so much. 🥰😭

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“It was an incredible moment,” she added. “I watch it over and over again because I’m like, ‘This is real. This is real love, right here. It’s beautiful.’”

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