Amy Duggar: Her Life, Family, and Drama with the Duggars

Amy Duggar rose to fame on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's reality TV show, "19 Kids and Counting." This is what Amy has been up to. 

Amy, one of the Duggar cousins, recently returned to the spotlight after years of keeping her social media accounts private. 


Amy is Deanna's daughter, Jim Bob's sister. Unlike her Duggar cousins, Amy had a more laidback life. For starters, she was allowed to wear pants instead of skirts only. 

She could date who she wanted to and was allowed to follow mainstream entertainment. She may share a last name with the Duggars, but she had a pretty normal childhood. 

For the last few years, rumors were doing the rounds that the Duggar family "silenced" Amy. In addition, her social media accounts were set to private. 

Without having access to her social media accounts, her fans had to rely on the information they received from other Duggar accounts. 

 For example, the Duggars extended a warm welcome to Amy on her birthday back in 2018. Shortly after that, she made a rare appearance on "Counting On." 

The 32-year-old Amy only returned to social media back in April 2019, when she had a pregnancy announcement to share. 


Talks of a feud began when Amy wasn't invited to Jinger's wedding to Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016. At the time, Amy simply said she had pre-arranged plans. 

Eagle-eyed fans noted that several Duggar family members unfollowed Amy on social media. In addition, In Touch Weekly reported that she wasn't allowed to talk about her cousins. 


Amy Duggar married Dillon King in September 2015, the same year she left "19 Kids and Counting." They were engaged for less than two months. 

The couple is currently expecting their first child. The overjoyed duo shared the news back in April when they declared on Instagram: 

"Baby King is on the way!!! Happy Easter from our growing family to yours!!"

The young tot is expected to make his or her arrival in October. Speaking to People, Amy said they are "over the moon." She added: 

"We are completely speechless, overly excited, and ready for the next chapter as new parents!"


Since leaving "19 Kids and Counting," Amy produced her own TLC special titled "A Duggar Leaves Home." It detailed her failed music career.

Following that, she signed a contract with another television series titled "Marriage Boot Camp," and appeared in several episodes of the ninth season. 

Amy and her husband used their time on "Marriage Boot Camp" to work through their marital problems. Shortly after leaving the show, Amy explained to People

"For me, whenever we would, we still argue of course. Whenever we argue, I would freak out. He’d be like, ‘Babe, this is life. This is normal. I’m here, and I’m not leaving.’ And he gave reassurance."

As reported by Good Housekeeping, Amy is currently working as a youth mentor and has been since July 2018. 

Dillon works as Kingston Media. According to his LinkedIn Profile, King is the Chief Executive Officer. It is not clear whether Dillon will appear in any other reality shows. 

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