Sheryl Lee Ralph, Who Played Dee in 'Moesha', Is 62 & Flaunts Youthful Body in Swimsuit

Deidra "Dee" Mitchell from Moesha was the mother figure of the show played by Sheryl Lee Ralph. She is now 62-years-old and continues to enjoy life the best way she can. 

Sheryl Lee Ralph was once the best actress to hire if you wanted to see an authentic mix of class, charm, and sternness. That is why she is considered to be one of the most effective women to play "mom roles" on television. 

That's exactly what she was on "Moesha," and she played that role very well until the end.

Life After "Moesha"

Now, Sheryl has kept quite a low profile, enjoying life the best way she can with the rest of her family. She still has quite a few projects under her name, including a podcast that she hosts.

She recently shared a photo of herself looking carefree while lounging at the beach, showing off her swimsuit. Ralph would also share bits and pieces of her life with other members of the entertainment industry on Instagram, showing that although her prime acting days were in the '90s, she's still very much a part of Hollywood. 

On Frank Mitchell

Meanwhile, her other castmember William Allen Young who played Frank Mitchell on "Moesha," is now in his mid-60s. Unlike Sheryl, he's kept a low profile through the years which made Moesha his most famous acting gig. 

However, not a lot of people know that he's also had acting roles on "The Day After," "Matlock," "Babylon 5," and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

While Sheryl shares a lot of things about her work, Young shares about his family the most on social media. 

 "Moesha" has been long gone, but people continue to wonder where its stellar actors and actresses are nowadays. It's good to see a lot of them doing well, making the most out of their lives in whatever way they want. 

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