Tia & Tamera Mowry Post Emotional Tributes to Each Other on 41st Birthday

Tia and Tamera Mowry have just turned 41, and they both shared the most touching tributes to one another while sharing some throwback photos with their fans. 

"Wombmate" is how Tia Mowry described her twin sister Tamera during her birthday greeting, and it's clear how they're not only close as sisters, but as best friends. 


According to Tia, going through life with her twin has been unexplainable, and their journey together has been amazing. 

"#happybirthday to my womb mate! We've been in this thing together since conception. The bond that twins have is unexplainable. Our journey here on earth has been an amazing one. God has kept us close. We've been right by each other's side through trials and tribulations as well as our triumphs." 

Of course, no greeting is complete without saying "I love you," and Tia did that exactly while reassuring her sister that she'll always have her back. 

"Love you Sis! So happy I get to go through life with you! Here for you and will always be!" 

Tia chose to share an adorable photo of them as toddlers wearing matching dresses, shoes, and even hair. 

"Ride or Die"

Meanwhile, Tamera chose a photo of them when they were in their pre-adolescent years, but still sporting matching clothes and hair. She began her greeting by saying:

"Tia. My ride or die since birth. So grateful God chose you as my life partner from the beginning. You are the yin to my yang. The perfect team. I love when we have our sister time; laughs from the gut, reminiscing our childhood or just having epic drinks together, we are always creating beautiful memories. I love you darling."

Thanks to the "twin connection" they have, Tia and Tamera have been tightknit for 41 years now. The two of them always share their most special throwback moments with the rest of their followers on social media, and they often serve as an inspiration to other siblings to remain close to one another. 

Commemorating Grandma Clo

They previously shared some photos of them with their late grandmother, Clo, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. 

While they were heartbroken, the sisters made sure to celebrate the life that their grandmother with a series of photos of them growing up for the next couple of days. 

It was a difficult time for their family, but knowing that their loved one wasn't in pain anymore gave them peace. 

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