Snoop Dogg Shares Photos of His 'Dear Mama' in Black & White Outfit

Snoop Dogg showed off his mother dressed in a Black and white coat on Instagram, and the resemblance between them is quite apparent.

Snoop Dogg and his mother, Beverly Broadus Green, stood side-by-side, and it was easy to see that they are mother and son. In two recent posts on his Instagram, which Snoop captioned, “Dear Mama,” the resemblance between him and Beverly was apparent.

In the first photo, the mother-of-four stood with her hands clasped before her in front of a staircase with flower pots beside it; she had on a black and white coat on black trousers and a silver shoe.

In the second, which was a closer shot and had the same caption, Beverly sat in a dinner setting; her brown hair was held back with a few loose strands at the front. The Mississippi native adorned her left wrist with bracelets, her fingers with rings, and wore her reading glasses.

In both photos, the author looked happy with a pleasant smile on her face. Beverly and her look-alike son, who is a legendary West Coast rap artist, have a close relationship. In her 2014 book “Real Love II,” which is a sequel to her 2012 biography of the same title, she dedicated three chapters to him.

However, despite the closeness they currently share, things were not always like this between them.

Back in 2007, the Christian evangelist, said in an interview with Chron, that she and Snoop only communicated with emails, text, and phone calls, as “he is still in the secular world making his music,” while she is doing what God called her to do.

The two-time author told the news outlet that she has faith that one day, the rap star would “return to the lord and preach God’s word.” Beverley added that she raised the singer and his three brothers in the church going to Sunday School and bible studies.

As true as this is, the upbringing didn’t stop Snoop from leaving his roots and following an infamous path. Despite discovering his love for music in the choir, the Grammy-nominated singer’s path after high school brought him in line with the gangs and in the ‘90s, he served a prison sentence for cocaine possession.

Snoop’s first album “Doggy Style” was produced by Dr. Dre who was also his mentor, and in the span of his career going over two decades, the rap star has recorded 17 studio albums

Snoop Dogg also branched into movies and television and has stayed on the straight and narrow in recent years, but the jury is still out on whether or not he’ll quit the secular life and go the Lord's way. 

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