Ex NFL Star Donald Driver Visits Child Cancer Patients at Lambeau Field Campout

Donald Driver made a lot of child cancer patients happy as he spent a fun day with them at a campout. He later spoke about his joy in taking part in the event and why it was "a blessing."

Donald Driver gushed about a weekend well-spent describing his experience at a camp with children battling cancer. 


Donald knows too well how debilitating cancer can be to those who have it and their families.  His father, Marvin Driver died of it and so did his best friend and godfather of his children, Bryant Pretlow.

Armed with the experience of losing two people close to him to the disease, Donald is determined to do his part in giving joy to those who suffer from cancer especially young children.  As such, he spent his last weekend in June spreading positive vibes at the Ultimate Campout Fighting Childhood hosted by Northwestern Mutual.

“For me to be a part of that, to touch their lives and let them know people out there really care, it was really a blessing.”


“As a father, you just want your kid to be happy and enjoy life, and sometimes they don’t get the opportunity because of this disease,” Donald told People as he shared details of his experience at the camp which he believes gives the children “the opportunity to be kids again.”

The event held at Lambeau Field where Donald’s Green Bay Packers team won the Super Bowl also involved the family of the cancer patients and included games, crafts, sing-alongs, and film showing. 

The children delighted in seeing their names on the scoreboard and participated in the “Lambaeu Leap,” the traditional move made by the Packers in the stands after a touchdown. 

For his part, Donald threw passes to each kid making sure no one was left out. He was grateful to have had the chance to just be there and spread joy.

“A lot of them were in awe,” the "Dancing With The Stars" champion said. “For me to be a part of that, to touch their lives and let them know people out there really care, it was really a blessing.”


A touching moment for Donald came when he met a mother of one of the children. Her son was a fan of the Packers and she told him how appreciative she was of him being there.“She knew that this day, they were going to have one of the happiest moments of their lives.” Donald said. 

After the day he had, Donald knew the time he put in was worth it. “For one day, it took that burden off those individuals and families,” he reflected. And that’s a feeling no victory in the NFL could probably match.  

This is the second year in a row Northwestern Mutual hosted a campout for the cause. Last year, it was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Another stadium is being eyed for next year. 

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