Daily Joke: One Great Actor Could No Longer Remember His Lines

Memory loss is a strange thing. You might remember every second of your 1956 honeymoon but forget why you took out two cups of sugar and a stick of butter this morning. The gentleman in the following joke is not finding memory loss amusing.

There was once a great stage actor who had just one problem. He could no longer remember his lines.

Try as he might, whichever method he used, up went the curtains and out went his lines. They just disappeared, every time.

News of his problem made the rounds and eventually, he couldn't find stage work anymore. Finally, after many years of looking, he found a theater where they are prepared to give him a chance to shine.

The director says to him,

"This is the most important part, and it is only one line. You must walk onto the stage carrying a rose; you must hold the rose with just one finger and your thumb to your nose, sniff the rose deeply and then say the line...'Ah! The sweet aroma of my mistress,' Can you do it?"

A theater of empty seats. | Source: Pixabay

A theater of empty seats. | Source: Pixabay

The actor is thrilled. He can't wait to perform in front of a packed theater again and feels he can absolutely deliver the line. For weeks before the play, he practices his line, over and over again. 

He has got it down to perfection. His tone and inflection are perfect. The director is very pleased that he decided to hire this great actor.

Finally the time came. The curtain went up; the actor walked onto the stage, and with great passion, he delivered his line: 

"Ah! The sweet aroma of my mistress."

Red rose. | Source: Pixabay

Red rose. | Source: Pixabay

The theater erupted, and the audience screamed with laughter. The director was furious!

"You bloody fool!" he cried, "You have ruined me!"

The actor, quite bewildered, asked, "What happened? Did I forget my line?"

"No!" the director screamed...

"You forgot the bloody rose!"

That's awkward! How does your memory play tricks on you? Share this story with your friends and find out if it's universal. 

There's one actor we'll never get tired of, no matter if he forgot all his lines or had difficulty delivering them. Michael J. Fox.

Our "Back to the Future" star was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the young age of 29 and made the news public 7 years later after he wrapped his head around it.

Since then, Fox has become a leading voice on the campaign to find a cure and at Tribeca Film Festival this year, he opened up about his personal decades-long fight against the disease.

After undergoing spinal surgery in April 2018 that affected his mobility, Fox admitted to having had a difficult year while learning how to walk again.

His cockiness in wanting to walk without support then led to a shattered humerus which exacerbated the recovery process.

Let's wish him long life and good health, and pray for a cure.

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