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July 13, 2019

Luke Perry Remembered by Riverdale Cast in Their First Episode Back

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Luke Perry's co-stars from the episodic drama, "Riverdale" paid their respects to him during their first episode back.

The actor may have departed from the world, but his love and memory still resonated with his loved ones. 

Portrait of late actor Luke Perry | Photo: Getty Images


Madchen Amick, the actress who features on the series as "Alice Cooper," uploaded a photo of the "Riverdale" cast at a table, during their first table read for the newest season premiere titled "In Memoriam."

Her caption signified that it was in recognition of their deceased cast member, Luke Perry. It read:

"There was nothing but love, memories, mourning for our beloved Luke as we honor him in our first episode back. #wemisayouluke #inmemoriam #riverdale #S4 #tableread."

Luke, who plays the role of Fred in the show, died this year after battling stroke. It appears not only his colleagues love him, the show's producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, also spoke about the tragic event in an interview, and how the drama's dynamics changed to suit the happenings.



He continued to explain the method in which the show thought to honor the deceased and his character. Roberto further spoke about Luke's peculiarity on the series; he referred to him as "one of the hearts of the show." The show's creator also stated that they intended to take their time and recognize the change of being without Luke.

Before his death, the "Riverdale star" featured in another TV drama titled "Once Upon a Time" which will air soon. Season four of the "Riverdale" series will air in the later in the year. 


The fourth season of the TV series will bear "unspeakable crimes." The producer revealed that both the first and the second season ended tragically, but the show sought a new dimension to maintain its suspense for the viewers. 

While "Fred" obtained bullet wounds in the first season, Archie got arrested in two, but the third diverts attention from tragic events, and presents to the viewers a "cliffhanger," by bringing Archie, Veronica, and Betty all in one place.

Luke is forever ingrained and cherished in the hearts of his Riverdale cast members, and the show has gone as far as centering the story on him in the last episode!