Michael Landon's Son Christopher Shares a Photo of His Husband and Child on the First Day of Preschool

On July 8, 2019, Christopher Landon took to social media to mark the first day of his son, Beau’s preschool. As a proud father, husband and successful producer, the son of legendary actor Michael Landon follows his heart and passions in life.

Alongside a picture of Christopher, his husband Cody Morris, and son smiling for the camera he wrote, “The first day of preschool! Can’t believe how fast this is all happening but it’s the best adventure ever, and we’re so proud of this little man. ❤️ (And our Monday morning bed-head is letting you have it.)”

Born on April 5, 2017, the time had flown by for Beau, “the light of their lives” and Christopher, who released his latest slasher film, “Happy Death Day 2U” earlier in 2019. 

“I wanted this to be a slasher film with heart and a conscience that is actually trying to say something,” he said during an interview. 

While his father, Michael Landon turned into a legendary actor, Christopher had no interest in acting itself and became a writer and producer behind the scenes instead.

“I've spent too much of my life sort of in front of people, and not by choice. That's something that most people I think tend not to realize. It's stars who choose the attention, not their families. And that was always very uncomfortable for me," he explained in 1999.

Some of his work includes “Disturbia,” “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” in 2014 and “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse the following year.

His love for horror came from childhood and credited Carpenter’s work for sparking an interest in that part of the industry. 

“I remember going to the video store a lot when I was younger, and I’d rent ten horror movies at a time,” he said, “but Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing were always in a pretty steady rotation.”

Being openly gay, Christopher had long battled discrimination in the business, but he firmly believes that the more some gets exposed to something, the more they would see it for what it is.

“It’s all there on social media and Instagram for people to see,” he said. “Myself, my husband, our son. I want them to see that we’re just like everyone else.”

But there is more to Christopher’s involvement in horror than meets the eye. During an interview in 2018, he shared the deeper aspect of his love of horror.

“There are a lot of queer people working in the horror business, and I don’t think it’s surprising at all, really,” he said. “For me, it was a coping mechanism. I had so much fear inside me, and writing horror helped exorcise some of that, I think. It’s been cathartic for me.”

Christopher lost his father on July 1, 1991, when the actor passed after a short battle with cancer. But it would almost take a year before Christopher could publically talk about the last day with his father.

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