Keshia Knight Pulliam Shares Cute Mommy & Me Moment from Essence Fest

Keshia Knight Pulliam gets feedback from her daughter after staging a cooking demo during the Essence Festival. The proud mom revealed photos of their chat after sharing her turkey chili recipe to her audience.  

Her estranged ex-husband is still after the custody of her daughter but that hasn’t kept Keshia Knight Pulliam from going about her day. In fact, she delighted in spending time with her two-year-old during the Essence Festival. 


Since gaining full custody of her daughter, Ella Grace, Keshia has been enjoying her time being a mother to the toddler. Be it during her shoots or her downtime, Ella is always close by. 

As such, it was a pleasant decision for her to bring her along during her stint at the Essence Festival where she showcased her expertise in the kitchen. Armed with her love for cooking, the founder of Keisha's Kitchen Collection Seasonings shared her recipe for turkey chili and treated her audience to a mouthwatering sample. 

Keshia noted on her Instagram that even her daughter had a few things to say about her cooking.


“I come from a family of great cooks—my mom, my dad, my brothers, we all cook. And that’s how we come together., not just on Sunday, but throughout the week,” the former “Cosby Show” child star told her audience who learned that the turkey chili recipe was simple. It made use of fresh ingredients and Keshia’s homemade spices as well as ground turkey. The result was a satisfying experience for two lucky members who got to sample the dish. 


Keshia noted on her Instagram that even her daughter had a few great things to say about her cooking. She shared a photo of them from backstage where she reveals getting feedback from the young girl after her show. 

Mother and daughter seemed like they were having a good time backstage with Keshia listening to her daughter in one image and laughing with her in the next. Seeing how happy they are, there may be no reason for the judge to reconsider his decision to give full custody to Keshia which is being contested by her ex-husband, Ed Hartwell. 

He’s determined to gain joint custody of Ella though he was already denied a custody re-trial  a month earlier.


Ed has been on his toes fighting for his right as a father to Ella. He dragged Keshia back in court in April accusing her of denying him his visitation rights. He’s determined to gain joint custody of Ella though he was already denied a custody re-trial a month earlier. 

Keshia and Ed married on shaky grounds which led to their short-lived union. The actress was still pregnant with Ella when Ed broke free and even questioned Ella’s paternity. A DNA test later proved Ella was his but now it seems he’s having a difficult time claiming her. 

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