Michael J Fox’s Son Sam Strikes an Ironic Serious Face Next to a 'Fun Boy' Pool Toy (Photo)

Sam Michael, Michael J. Fox’s eldest child, looks a lot like the famous actor as he takes on the heat of the summer by taking a swim. 

Tracy Pollan, Sam's actress mother, took to Instagram to share his photo some six days ago. Sam only recently clocked thirty, which is probably why the similarities between him and Michael Fox seems to be even more apparent. 


In the photo, Sam is pictured taking a swim in what seems to be the backyard pool of their home. Because he was immersed in the pool, only his head and the top of his shoulders are visible.

That is, however, enough to make the photo a beautiful and treasured one, even though Sam has a somewhat hard look on his face, which seems more exaggerated thanks to his cropped hairstyle. 

The relaxed air about the 30-year-old goes well with the lovely background as he was pictured resting against a raft with the words “fun boy” clearly written on it.

His ever-doting mother, Tracy, did nothing to hide her pride as she happily related that she had fun spending time with Sam during the weekend in her caption, which reads:

“Fun times.... with @palekidd this weekend!”


Even if they couldn't be there to share in the fun time, Pollan’s large fan following still expressed awe over the photo. So far, the picture has amassed well over a thousand likes, and numerous comments as fans complimented the photo. 

One fan, @paddedroom_inmyhead happily poked fun at Sam's poker face saying:

“That’s his “fun” face. Hope I never come across him when he’s grouchy. #summer #poolfun.”

Others just pointed out how much Sam looks like his parents. One fan, @dmata1050 wrote:

“He looks just like his dad.”

In contrast, another fan, @irisheyesogrn, wrote:

“Looks like a combo of his mom and dad. I see Tracy and Mike.”


Sam is just one out of the four children born to the longtime celebrity couple. The children's ages range between 30 and 18 years old, and even though they are now well-grown, Pollan and Fox still manage to stay close to them. 

Back in 2018, the widely celebrated couple spoke in an interview with ET and detailed that they do all they can to have fun with the kids. 

The pair, however, revealed that it is no mean feat but rather a conscious effort they continuously make to ensure they remain connected to them. By the looks of things, they are still keeping true to this, and that is truly admirable. 

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