July 15, 2019

Irina Shayk Reveals She Still Believes in Marriage after the Bradley Cooper Split (Interview)

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Unlike several other celebrities, Irina has managed to keep details of her personal life private, and that includes her relationship with former partner, Bradley Cooper. However, she makes an unexpected revelation over an interview with BAZAAR.

Irina and Bradley began dating in 2015. Irina preferred to stay quiet, so fans had to speculate until the pair made a public appearance together in March 2016.


After subsequent sightings together, fans were convinced that there was something serious going between the pair.

By November, Irina was seen walking the Victoria Secret’s runway six months pregnant with her first child with Bradley, Lea de Seine, whose name was inspired by her paternal grandmother.



However, there was a turn of events as rumors spiraled that Bradley was having an affair with co-star Lady Gaga, and the couple eventually separated.

Details into this love story remained unclear to fans and admirers, but Irina’s statement while speaking in an interview with BAZAAR offers an insight into her love life.

“Everyone looks at it differently; Do I believe in marriage? Yes, of course. I'm not the kind of person who is against it.” She says when asked about marriage.


During the interview, the 33-year-old also showed a strong attraction to classic techniques of wooing.

According to her, she would rather have admirers sending letters than myriad of emails and phone texts. She also mentioned that she loved tomatoes.


Who knows? Maybe that’s what Bradley got her.


Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's split came as a huge surprise to fans as the pair have been together for four years and have a daughter together. However several theories have surfaced about the possible reason why they ended things.


A source close to the couple, while speaking to E! News, revealed that the couple allegedly fought a lot and had a series of separations before finally letting each other off.

Also, Irina’s preference for privacy may have interfered with their relationship. 

The model is well known for preferring to keep her issues away from public view, and this is believed to may have caused tensions in their relationship.

Bradley Cooper attends the World Premiere Of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures "Avengers: Endgame" at Los Angeles Convention Center | Photo: Getty Images


Another theory suggests they didn’t have much in common.

According to an insider who spoke with In Touch Weekly, the pair’s relationship was based on mutual physical attraction. They had only a few qualities in common and had different aspirations.

Irina Shayk (L) and Bradley Cooper attend the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel | Photo: Getty Images


Of all the probable reasons for Irina and Bradley's split, the most plausible is an alleged affair with Lady Gaga. 

However, the iconic musician already denied the allegations.

Lady Gaga, while on an interview, made it clear that the relationship between her and Bradley was very professional, and that it was ‘social media’s’ fault for making a mess of things.