Dwayne Johnson Says It's 'Terrifying but Awesome' to Have a House Full of Women

During an Interview at the Premiere of his movie, Dwayne said being in a house of "Strong, Badass Women" is "Terrifying but Awesome." 

The semi-retired professional wrestler, popular known by his ring name as “The Rock” is a proud father to his three daughters: one-year-old Tiana Gia, three-year-old Jasmine Lia, and seventeen-year-old Simone Alexandra. 

Dwayne Johnson shares Tia and Jasmine, with  his girlfriend of 12 years, Lauren Hashian, and Simone is his only child from his first marriage to businesswoman Dany García

Dwayne is never one to shy away from celebrating the women in his life and every milestone each attains. He shared his pride in his first daughter Simone when she graduated from high school and got into NYU on Instagram.

While being interviewed at the "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw" movie premiere, The Rock couldn't help but beam with smiles, when asked about his “little girls.” He described his middle child, Jasmine, as "so beautiful" on the red carpet of the Dolby Theatre, when asked about her.

Speaking to Extratv of his daughters, Simone, Tia and Jasmine, the Jumanji star said it was terrifying being the only man in the house, but also the best thing.

“I have a house full of just strong, bad-ass women... It’s terrifying, but it’s awesome." he opened up to Extra.

The actor admitted that he had grown up an only child and that his father had been a strict disciplinarian.

"There was a lot of testosterone with me growing up,"  said the 47-year-old actor.

'So this balance of just having all this beautiful oestrogenic energy but then also me having the opportunity to infuse fatherhood" he added.


The Rock"  stated that he faced difficulties in the early stages of his acting career when people didn't know “what the hell to do with him." He was told he had to change, to be a certain way, drop some weight, stop working out, stop doing the things he loved and even stop calling himself The Rock.

"I mean I was a half black, half Samoan, six-foot-four, 275-pound pro wrestler," the producer said.

In addition to his amazing daughters, Dwayne also shares a close relationship with his mom, Ata, who battled stage 4 cancer and depression. Dwayne says he hopes to infuse fatherhood and set a standard of what men should be, in his three daughters' life.    

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