Lyssa Chapman Shares a Loving Moment from Dog & Beth's Daily Life (Photo)

Lyssa Chapman’s photo, showing a moment of support between Beth and Dog in their daily life, brought on a lot of emotional reaction from fans.

 Two things bring people together in life, death and celebrations; for Lyssa Chapman, the demise of her stepmother strengthened their bond, and since Beth passed, she has posted tributes nonstop in her honour on social media.


Lyssa shared a photo depicting a moment of support between the deceased and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman in their daily life.

In the photo which did not show the bounty hunting couple’s face, Beth’s hand adorned with a bracelet, and her well-manicured nails rested on that of Dog’s.

The photo had no words accompanying it, except a crying-face emoji, and it was enough to bring on an emotional response from her fans.

Ann Marie, focusing on the love between Beth and Dog, wrote that people used to imagine a love story like that of “Rocky and Adrienne,” but now, they want a love like the one the deceased and the bounty hunter had.


Another recounted the memorial service at Colorado, which had a lot of people crying their hearts out, writing that the late TV star was a force to reckon with, and although she’s gone, her energy is indestructible.

A third fan, focusing on the couple’s relationship, wrote:

“Man!! They loved each other; this is so sad, and a fourth wrote that Beth and Dog’s love story, was a beautiful one."

The deceased’s fans have rallied behind the Chapmans’ since the news of her demise on June 26, and after the second memorial service in Colorado, they received a lot of flowers and their home turned into a mini-florist shop.


Lyssa and Dog's other children showed up for the memorial, and Jodie Chapman, the wife of the Wesley Chapman, invited the family to Idaho to visit.

The Hawaii resident responded to the invite by asking her sister-in-law to be mindful of her wishes but did not indicate whether or not she’ll go to Idaho.

Since Beth passed, Lyssa despite having a rift with her in May had expressed on social media her pain at losing her stepmother.

In a post after the first memorial in Hawaii, the 32-year-old  businesswoman wrote that she was trying to cope and accept her new reality, and asked her fans to pray for her family.

Lyssa continues to show that despite the public’s perception that she had an estranged relationship with Beth, she loved her a lot and will miss her presence.

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